Gemini August 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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This August, you need a breath of fresh air, let’s say, for your holidays to be good. You are dreaming well, between going out, spending time out in the open, going for a swim, and having your moments with your friends.

This moment will be the one you have been waiting without too much patience. Your summer is going to be busy, yet in case you happen to get bored, you’re going to love it. The sun will benefit your mood, and you will be euphoric.

You will have a very good mood, and the pleasant atmosphere will benefit the ones who are by your side. There will be fantasy and joy, as the month is going to offer you its exotic cocktail. Starting with the 10th, the stars will be highlighting you.

Around August 14th, you’re going to have all sort of nice meetings that are going to lead to the most beautiful friendships. For this month, you will have the need to move quite a lot, as to relieve your stress and no longer feel the turmoil that the everyday life difficulties have been bringing. As soon as feeling as doing it, just laze, as to unwind.

August 2022 Highlights

This is a month in which the power is changing. There will be planetary shifts coming from the East sector of the self and transiting to the East sector of the others. This will be a transit complete on the 29th. In the meantime, your situation will be at its peak, so you will be neither here, nor here.

You shouldn’t be wilful, nor aggressive, yet not very compromising either. Your way can sometimes be the best, whereas other times, the one of others can be the best. You are neither independent, nor dependent.

It’s a good thing that this change is going to occur not abruptly. Gears will have to be changed. For the entire year, you needed to balance, not only your own desires, but those of your partner as well. However, the need to remain balanced is greater now.

The entrance of Jupiter into the sign of Leo is going to be something new as well this month. Jupiter is the Gemini’s love planet, and Jupiter entering Leo goes well. Love will be happy, playful, and just like a honeymoon. Up to this point, relationship and love have served your practical purposes, but now the situation will be opposite.

You can’t care about just how much your partner is with you, nor how much he or she can help you with money. What’s important for you is celebration and entertainment. Jupiter is leaving your Money House and enters the 3rd one of intellectual interests and communication.

Therefore, participation to ideas and good communication become the most important. You will be open to falling for someone’s mind and the way they are thinking, as your will be with their body. Jupiter is going to form the most beautiful aspects with the planet Pluto, which will be in Gemini’s 7th House, sending a good sign for love and health.

Good news will come your way when it comes to health. Your partner’s health will also be improved. In case you happen to be single, then expect to come across someone you might love in your neighbourhood or at school, the post office, at conferences, or in meetings.

Love will find you the more you’re dedicated to the intellectual interests that you have, with this being exactly what you want. The challenge will be loving, and you will make out of this fun a profession. You can’t be too excited, as you will have many professional responsibilities and goals. Finances won’t matter that much anymore.

Many Geminis have already managed to achieve their financial goals, so they are now and then happy. When it comes to dedication and communication to the intellectual interests that you have, you’re a lot about good luck and money.

There might be an unexpected and sudden profit from selling or trading a possession. You might also spend some more on internet services, phone and communication equipment, and others. There’s also the possibility of getting a new car.

Family and home life will also be important. This is an excellent period for decorating, renovating, or making reparations.

Health programs are going to be more and more tough for this time period because there will be family responsibilities getting in your way. Starting with the 23rd, you need to relax and rest more.

Gemini Love Horoscope for August

Cupid will manage to relieve you from your everyday worries. You will have to become loose from what’s coming on your plate every single day. You will have to be joyful, as the planets will send you all sort of good vibes.

You love flying to a destination you know about. If you want to please your lover, then remain full of all sorts of ideas. Don’t forget to have good intentions in the meantime. You can speed things up as well. You would love how your partner is sharing the values that you have as well.

These values are determination and loyalty, which from now on, will no longer be a dream. This is a month in which you happen to be agreeing with others and your partner. You two are letting things flow. You are also very collaborating.

August 22nd is a great day for couples. This is a month in which you can start your relationship. On the other hand, you need to make some efforts and play the romance card, without being afraid of other people. This meeting needs to be taken seriously, as the potential for a good future will exist.

Mercury and Venus from the sign of Virgo are going to give you the opportunity of reconciliation with family, but you need to be more modest. An introspection holiday is going to pay you off. There will be tensions with different family members, as you will have all sort of arguments leading to nothing and ending.

After already being altered from the planet Saturn, which is now in Cancer, the natives are going to calmly reflect on the various matters related with others’ way of thinking.

Luckily, the change process in which the natives will be immersed are going to lead them in the month of August to define their family place. While the natives will need to accept some different viewpoints, their agreement won’t be coming for long.

Thus, they’re going to be able to go through their emotional life in a serene manner that’s hasn’t been experienced like it was until this point.

The agreement that has been reached at family level is going to be important for Geminis who want to experience satisfaction and joy in intimacy. After solving some conflicts that have been standing on their head for some time, the natives will get their peace of mind and become closer with their partner, give them the entire affection that they need, as well as remain open to receiving everything this person has to offer.

Communication is going to be fluid. Any problem that might arise is going to get solved by a route of pleasant and sincere dialogue, needed to leave room also for the manifestation of deep feelings.

Career and Finances Horoscope

This won’t be the area of Geminis receiving any satisfaction. Unfortunately for them, problems that can’t be easily resolved will appear, having to be faced with calm and objectively. If not, mistakes would be made, mistakes that would only complicate the matters.

The biggest problem is going to arise, as there won’t be any understanding with those who are in a position of authority. This is going to generate some serious conflicts that will affect the self-esteem in a negative manner. This will make the natives lose their confidence in their own potential.

Have patience, as it’s not a good idea to be anxious. Those Twins that are working will need to wait. This month won’t be the best for them if they are looking to progress. Keep what has been obtained, carrying out with your duties in a responsible manner. Improvements are going to arrive for as long as you wait patiently.

Those favored are going to be the ones who are self-employed, as their wind will be favorable for their business to grow or for them to be involved in any type of activity. Appeal to logic and your natural intelligence whenever selecting any type of new activity. This way, financial rewards are going to come your way.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Together with the inconveniences at work, there will also be health problems manifesting themselves as nervous problems. Indeed, one or more Gemini people is going to feel overwhelmed, will have a bad mood, and be overwhelmed.

Others are going to sleep less than usually, whereas some are going to abuse their own intellectual performance, feeling as if they no longer have any limits. Going to therapy or for a treatment with essences of flower will be recommended if they want their health problems to not become chronic.

While impatience and restlessness will make them nervous and damage their physicality, they will still have what they want and need. Any issues they might be having with their health, it will be overcome.

They should spend their time not only playing sports, but also going to the gym, walking, running, and jogging. This will help them remain organically balanced and to discharge their energy constructively. They should not overdo anything and take their moments to rest.

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