Gemini December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3499 views

There is no time to look behind to count your wounds and not even your blessings as it seems that this December will go very fast for you. Countless opportunities to show what you are capable of but don’t try to read too much into those because they may not really be connected.

Do your best when you have the occasion and just look ahead. If you try to find the meaning in everything you might end up being overwhelmed and also far from the truth itself.

It is not only because the holidays are upon us but you also feel the need to stay somewhat in your comfort zone, at least when it comes to the people you spend time with so you will probably prefer your family to any kind of extravagance your friends might have in mind for you.

Some agility

The first few days you seem to be looking at things that can impact you on the long term but not necessarily realize it. Perhaps someone from the family will be more agile in this regard. Interesting to see whether you will actually take their advice.

Other natives may investigate closely their finances in order to see how much leverage they actually got this season. You may be held responsible for some spending of yours but don’t worry too much.

Around the 7th you can learn something new or at least get in touch with a piece of information you didn’t even know existed. Partnerships will work better when you ask for help and don’t try to hide anything just because you don’t know how others will react.


Mars is setting the tone around the 12th and you really are following. Perhaps some occasions with friends will keep the mood up but don’t expect others to entertain you if all you can see is mundane activities.

This is also a moment of looking behind the words and of finding the essence. Don’t imagine some life matters are at the stake now because this is not the case.

We are more talking about things that have been said to you and might have a double meaning.

This comes in a moment when you want to keep yourself in the loop with a lot of things and perhaps you will get easily distracted by something that is not necessary most important.

Attractiveness at its best

The second half of the month will bring some days in which you will be on the seventh heaven emotionally speaking and this will most likely influence how you behave with your partner.

You are fierce when it comes to some aspects but very flexible in regards to others and this makes you very attractive. Even the single natives can take advantage of these times. They will be all in for anything that spell fun and potential suitors.

This will include some kind of plot so don’t think you are off the hook entirely. There may be a time, most likely around the 19th when some frustrations will gather and you will feel as if some things are spinning out of control.

This may be because a plan of yours was cancelled or went the other way or just because all of a sudden you don’t seem to find your place. Perhaps you are searching too much for significant revelations and forget to enjoy the simplicity life has to offer.

In the holiday spirit

As we approach the end of the month you seem to be very interested in the holidays and you are going to invest more than the usual in this.

Whether you are helping around the house or are decided to run some errands, there is a part of you that wants to make a difference.

Some natives will have their own selfish motives for which to do this while others will genuinely just want to be there in the middle of everything that is about to happen.

The only word of caution is, regardless of your reasons to do the above discussed, make sure you take time for yourself as well.

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