Gemini December 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-11-26, 3685 views

Dear Gemini, prepare for an exciting December in which you will take inspiration from the unlikeliest of places. You are seeing beauty where not one else bothered to look and will keep feelings as if you are onto something great.

There may be some health warnings along the way, perhaps because you will be too distracted with work to realize that you are not taking care of yourself, sleeping or eating right.

You may also be required to keep a secret or similar, something that will be very exciting for you but also very stressful for the person who allowed you in on this. You are not going to be as talkative as usual, so chances are that you will be able to keep your promise to them.

Don’t forget about work

The first week will be quite tense, especially at work because it seems that egos are quite big and no one wants to be the one to compromise first. You will be happy to work as part of a team but at the same time you want to protect yourself and not work more than others.

If things are not balanced, you are going to speak out about this. You may also take the role of a modern Robin Hood and try to take care of those you consider at a disadvantage in the office too.

You may not be very keen on changes but it seems that your superiors are preparing one for you and at the end of the day, you will probably realize that it is for the better.

As we move deeper into December, your interest towards work will diminish and it will be replaced with more interesting thoughts, most of them revolving around Christmas, food and shopping and no matter how superficial this may seem, you are pleased.

Endings …

This December, not only that is the final month of the year, but it seems that it marks a particular outcome in your personal life. You may have waited for a while for this answer and it is finally here.

At first, you may be slightly shocked, even if the news is good, and you won’t really know how to react. Don’t worry, it is all normal as when you wait for something so long, it just because very unreal and you detach from it.

Sentimentally speaking, you will tend to involve your partner more in your activities and this will also be one of those moments in which you will need their support. Some natives may pretend that they are alright but someone dear could read straight through them.

Be careful if this answer comes with documents to sign or other formal choices to make. You might want to read the fine print and also ask for specialist advice, even if this may mean having to pay extra.

And new beginnings …

Especially during the second half of the month you will be very concerned with laying the good foundation in your relationship, perhaps in regard to a matter you have neglect for a while. You are determined to make things work and will not allow any criticism to drag you down.

Some natives will also receive some wisdom from someone older in the family and will try to follow that up.

The only word of caution here is that not everything that worked 20 years ago will work today as well and you need to be wary not to appear exaggerated and obsolete.

You will be active and perseverant and there are greater chances to find what you are looking for, because you are going in depth this time.

Keeping your hopes high

As the month approaches its end and the magic NYE night approaches, you will definitely start thinking about your wishes for the new year. You may be influenced by those around but at the end of the day, this is not a bad exercise to do.

You will feel sad, you will feel happy and you will have reasons to criticize or congratulate yourself but you will also tend to move past these moments a lot easier.

You are likely to put a lot of hopes into the month of January but will also make sure that you approach is in steps so that any change you want to make will be sustainable.

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