Gemini December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-11-27, 3566 views

December is going to be a busy month for you dear Gemini, with many situations that require your attention and things that you wish to take to completion.

You appear to be attentive to all details and wish to accumulate further information, not necessarily just in support of your opinions.

Because your ruling planet, Mercury is retrograding in your seventh house at the start of the month, you may not feel as free to express how you feel for a couple of days but this will be restored during the rest of the month.

You are happy to be proven wrong if this is the best way forward. You are willing to make small compromises to see those around you happy and to avoid any conflicts.

The end of this year may also be linked for you with some spiritual encounters that are aimed at supporting your development and giving you further confidence in tackling the next year.

December highlights

You appear to be very motivated to feel good in your skin this month so will take better care of yourself and avoid becoming upset. This may also translate in you caring less about what others are doing or saying, even to the point of ignoring some people whose influence you consider toxic.

Also, you may find that you can work very well with a particular person from your entourage, so you will focus your attention exclusively on that person, although this might end up feeling a little overwhelming for both parties.

The new Moon on the 7th will provide an influx of inspiration and will open your mind to some changes that are currently taking place in your life. Mirroring this, the full Moon on the 22nd, occurring in Cancer, will make you very careful about what you are spending your time and energy on.

The Mercury Jupiter conjunction debuting on the 19th may surface some crazy courage on your side and may see you do or say some things that you might end up regretting. Beware of overestimating your abilities when planning for the short-term.

Love life this month

As Venus and Mars are rather interesting on capitalizing on the career front, it seems that you are not going to feel much pressure in the sector of love. However, with Jupiter around, you are sure to gather the attention of your significant other.

You are more prone to expressing your emotions around the middle of the month, perhaps feeling this sense of urgency, as the holidays are approaching.

Around the new Moon there may be some romantic vibes going on and you are advised to take advantage of them as the next time you will be able to speak out your emotions will rather be at the next full Moon, towards the end of the month.

Jupiter gives an amazing helping hand to couples who don’t seem to find time for themselves and some good occasions to be together will surface, almost by accident.

Career aspects in December

You are very gentle and caring even at work this month and people might end up taking advantage of your availability to help. This is turn will make you totally unresponsive. There is no need to function in extremes and you should try and balance your energy too.

Some decisions will be required off you and it is very important to behave in a diplomatic manner, especially if you are trying to say something that is rather criticising and might be interpreted the wrong way.

Also, don’t refuse help yourself and feel free to delegate work if this is possible. Although it may seem risky, the benefits of getting some time for yourself will outweigh any head ache you might have with this.

Health and wellbeing

It is essential this month to remain in good relations with those close because this will not only dictate your internal satisfaction but also the state of your health. Pluto resides in your seventh house, so your health is likely to be dependent on your engagements with others.

You may even feel at unease when others don’t have the same opinions as you, and in order to avoid the physical manifestation of this, you may be more inclined to make compromises and settle with what is given to you.

Those with chronic conditions may find them slightly exacerbated and may wish to visit a specialist just to put their worries away. During the second half of the month, perhaps due to the preparations for Christmas, sleep issues may surface.

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