Gemini December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You will enjoy the last month of the year with friends, because with them, you will forget about everyday problems. However, nothing can go beyond reasonable limits.

Even with the coming of holidays, the Twins must remain realistic. Take care of health in December too. If it's cold, dress thick, otherwise you risk to cool down too much, maybe even worse.

Busy times at work throughout the month. Collegial relationships are conflicting, but any animosity is resolved by the 10th.

In the partnership plan it is a favorable period. The last details of some collaborations or of a matrimonial partnership are developed. Sure, at first glance, everything seems uncertain, but with a little effort and good will you will be able to detect the good parts of the situations in which you will be involved.

There will also be clarified old partnership issues, both with the life partner, as well as with business partners or collaborators. It is possible to revisit some agreements and contracts, because new elements appear regarding the way of the common actions or the related payment.

Financially, new ways of earning from and through others are opened, possibilities to increase your income and to solve issues regarding inheritance, personal or professional sharing.

December highlights

The start of December opens up opportunity to make great deals and you will be really good at negotiating, especially for the benefit of others.

From the 9th onwards, you communicate more effectively with your loved one and because of this you feel ready to face any challenge. The more time you spend in good company, the more ambitious and motivated you become.

The second half of the month is all about foreign things, whether you travel, interact with foreigners or just plan something for next year.

From the 29th onwards, there are even more chances of winning about which you and your life or business partner should discuss. Around the 30th, you feel ready to face the New Year and roll up your sleeves for all the opportunities and challenges it prepares for you.

Gemini love horoscope for December 2019

For some Gemini, sentimental relationships, especially those already formalized, become the scene of some struggles for power and are marked by possessiveness and jealousy. On the other hand, there are opportunities to stop older tensions and suspicions.

Jupiter, the governor of the Gemini relations and marriage, moves into the eight house at the start of December, which means that in the life of Gemini, the question of authenticity and depth begins to arise in the partnerships of any the same, including in marriage.

Some Gemini are even entering a more pragmatic stage and tend to focus on romantic relationships of interest, so that marriage provides them with material stability.

Venus, also joins Jupiter in the eighth house on the 20th, making the life of single natives a lot more complicated.

Therefore, single twins risk getting into complicated, emotionally exhausting and financially damaging relationships.

You can have devastating physical attractions, but such relationships can blow your life over your head and force you to see your darker side of character.

Twins involved in extra-marital relationships or with people who have obligations, could have extremely unpleasant moments, just before Christmas.

Career and finance progress this month

This month the "grab and run" tactic does not work. You have to weigh your options. It promises nothing. As far as possible, keep things in check.

Even if it is an advance, with a salary increase. Paradoxically, it may not be an opportunity but a sacrifice. And even if it's an offer for a job that sounds great. Think it over. All around you is full of false glows and hidden intentions.

Within the money department, it’s just the same. Don't be drawn to offers that seem too good to be true. Choose quality, even if you pay more and beware of signing up for paying in instalments for things you don’t really need.

Health and wellbeing

Most of the month, your overall level of health and energy will be excellent. Your sense of reaction and dynamism will also reach another level throughout December.

Towards the middle of the month, get ready for a hectic and intense period of your life. This could bring a state of physical and mental fatigue for some Gemini.

You can do various sports or recreational activities to relax. Always try to find a good balance between your physical and mental state and you will be on the right track towards the end of 2019.

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