Gemini December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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For the month of December, you will perfectly blend in with the Christmas atmosphere, feeling like a child who is waiting for Santa. Take advantage of this quiet time period to get your motivation and energy for the next year.

All Geminis had a difficult 2020, so just calm yourself down. Value the time spent with the family. You will spend a lot of time with friends because they know how to make you forget about all your problems.

However, you must continue being realistic. Take better care of your health and make sure you put enough clothes on because any cold can turn to be very bad for you.

December 2020 Highlights

The cycle’s end and the beginning of a new one will very much be obvious for you. This is the first decan for you to receive huge impacts from the stars. This impact will be lighter in the other decans of the month.

Enjoy the beauty of Christmas. Geminis will have to make extra efforts in order to keep the money flowing into their accounts because Mars will be in retrograde.

At the same time, Saturn will make life more difficult for them, especially when it comes to land and properties. However, it will help them a lot if they want to build a house or to renovate.

From another point of view, Geminis will have a very happy love life in the month of December. Logical and impatient when it comes to acquiring new information, Geminis will be very good at hiding their flaws.

They will want more peace and to rest. Opposed to their character, they will be more meditative and less communicative because Mercury is in Sagittarius.

At the same, Saturn and the Sun in the same sign will bring them the rewards of their efforts. They will view relationships very realistically. The presence of Mars in Libra will stimulate their love life to be filled with affairs.

They shouldn’t forget that their family needs more attention from their side as well. Soon, when Mercury is in Capricorn, they will start analyzing things with more calm.

It’s important for them to take stock this year’s end, to value the knowledge they’ve accumulated and to appreciate their both spiritual and practical achievements.

Gemini Love Horoscope for December

Until December 15th, your everyday life will be all about affection, health and depth, because Venus will influence it in these directions.

The 16th brings more optimism, while Mars’s presence in a Fire sign will increase your libido. Your year’s end looks like is going to be all about love. Married life will be supported by the Universe, not to mention you’ll be more sensual and very ready to express your feeling until the 16th.

Starting with the 16th and until the 31st, your marriage will run perfectly. You may have an emotional encounter that you will remember all your life, as Venus increases the chances for this to happen between the 16th and the 31st. It’s even possible for a friendship to turn into something romantic.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Some difficulties are going to arise in this field, so be prudent and reflect before making decision. You may encounter problems with paperwork, business associations, payments having to be made you, making bad investments, and many other things like these.

Therefore, be careful with your money and don’t expose yourself. It’s also important that you don’t lose your self-confidence. Mars in Libra is going to put your gifts in the spotlight, also make you more communicative.

Not the most tolerant people in the world, Geminis are still going to understand that not all their partners live by their standards. In the middle part of December, their conciliatory behavior will bring them great advantages at work.

Arieses will help them stick to their projects. After being away, Tauruses will return into their life and agree to collaborate with them for a better future. If they partner up with Scorpios, their chances of earning more money will increase.

The professional area will be favored for Geminis during this time period because Venus brings its energy, and Venus comes, there’s more vitality and love all around.

This is why Twins will feel like everything they’re doing is according to their desires, that they have a balance between the physical and the intellectual planes. All this will bring them great benefits.

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