Gemini February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 3141 views

Something to learn about family and a lot of agitation and need for impulse control at work will be part of the mix this February. At the same time you are suddenly a lot more aware of your body and your needs, from rest to more advance beauty habits.

Learning in action

You will experience some sort of reticence in regard to some acquaintances or people you’ve previously met but didn’t have the chance to spend too much time with them.

 And this compared to your usual buoyant self will be quickly noticed. Maybe you should step in with some explanations and find yourself a good excuse, especially is this happens in the work setting.

Maybe there are contracts you need to close with those people and maybe practicalities are more important than your intuition at the moment.

And although you might feel a bit dismissed by doing so, it will be best to follow only information in formal settings and let emotions for home.

Speaking about home, that won’t let you unravel entirely either this February and you will feel quite constraint by some older habits that you seem to have outgrown.

Agitated times ahead

You crave change but it will not be given to you and it seems that the overall memo is that you will have to wait for more open times before this happens.

During the first week or so you will be able however to use your studies or some kind of travel opportunity as an excuse to be a bit more laid back, especially in the presence of your partner if this is feasible.

Mars is set to bring some agitation at work, reminding you about accidents and misunderstandings leading to delays and this coupled with what we’ve discussed earlier about impulsivity, works as enforcing the warning to be careful.

But it might also make you a lot more caring for family and those close. It will teach you how to fend for yourself and to allow others some time to rest but also it will make you sometimes reprimand your impulses just to keep everything peaceful.

Being sociable

Towards the middle of the month, things will seem to relax but not enough for you to start feeling yourself again and to be able to exhibit all your emotions.

Single natives have chances to meet someone and although that someone might not see them in their full complexity, it will probably be enough to have their interest awaken and prospects in this regard are quite interesting.

February seems to try and stimulate the logic and ration into yourself and to teach you a thing or too about analysis rather than following impulses.

Saturn is making you a lot more pretentious than usually and you now require a lot more to feel comfortable, whether we are talking about family setting or friendly outings.

This might also reflect in a better care for your body, moisturizing way more often and even paying attention to get more sleep.

Let’s say that some natives might also be willing to give up parts of their so cherished social life just to get enough rest if they feel threatened by the state their bodies are into.

Good occasions

And since you are at home so much more time than usual, it wouldn’t be surprising if you would pay more attention to what is going on and even come with some solutions, either for practicalities or for matters that have been troubling those dear.

 A good occasion for you to get in the shoes of the educator and benefactor and to provide means for a change. Whether this happens with people of similar age with you or with children you will feel equally satisfied of what you manage to do and even learn a thing or two yourself.

Doing something extra

It will even prove you that the more you calculate, the more you receive financially and it has chances to bring you in such a state of mind that you will prefer to gather all the information possible before making a decision, whether it is an important one or not.

For some natives, this might also translate into getting a second job or trying to do something freelance beside the official work.

But don’t overestimate what you can do because once you are bound by that contract you need to keep up to work, something that might prove daunting.

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