Gemini February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3939 views

You might want to be careful this February, as all your actions, and in some cases, even powerful thoughts, are going to come back to you, like a powerful boomerang.

And we are not necessarily talking about bad karma here, there are also good deeds that you will have the occasion to do, and if choosing to follow that path, you will begin to see the results, sooner than expected.

You are quite secretive as well, trying to keep as much for yourself as possible, not only to simplify your life and because you are not really in the mood for small talk, but also because you have found out that this throws an air of mystery over you, something quite attractive.

Things are not what they seem

Don’t let yourself be influenced by those around, especially at work. They may look like they are working harder or having greater achievements, but in most cases, you are not really in the know or can measure how much of that is true.

And speaking about the truth, this will be quite bendy, especially in your relationships. Although you might not like the sound of this, it will still have to come to your attention.

Perhaps your partner is doing something behind your back and you are totally unaware of that but chances are some other people know.

Beyond these doubts, sentimentally speaking you seem to be quite all right, with a confidant close to take all the pressure off you.

Mars is threatening your health for a bit but the other stars seem to give you the energy and focus to prevent feeling too sick.

Balancing it all

This is a month in which valuable people are going to be very busy so don’t expect your good friends to pick up whenever you feel like it. There are lessons about priorities to be learned and although you will be in the mood to listen, and will probably be attentive enough, some things are just going to slip through your minds.

Towards the 15th, things are becoming increasingly busy around the office and all smiles will perish. Don’t burry yourself in work, especially if there aren’t any strict deadlines, because the consequences of these long days, and perhaps nights, are going to make themselves felt in your health.

Similar to this, money will come if you are willing to sacrifice. And I am not referring to your normal paycheck.

There may be occasions for you to top that but again, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. In the end this will be reduced by a simple decision of what you care more for.

Who you spend your time with

Harmonious times with distant relatives, either that they are visiting, or that you find yourself in the same place with them, without much notice. Catching up is great, especially after a long time.

Issues of communication are going to make themselves felt, and perhaps this is coupling with Mercury’s action and your lack of patience.

You will easily bored and quite reluctant to get out of this state, although some propositions might come your way.

If you are feeling tired, rest, if you are hungry, eat. These things should be self-explanatory but it seems that when you get absorbed into something, you forget about everything around.

And this means that you will also turn into this clumsy persona, who will have a lot of things to fix, once they come back from this creative daze.

What to focus on

You might want to go for practical activities, especially if this means you can help your friends. You might not be the expert in something, but if you have slightly more experience than them at that thing, your helping hand will surely be appreciated.

Also, this February, good results seem to come from team effort but at the beginning, everyone should work their separate ways, as to achieve the best focus.

Some natives will try their hand at some educational activities and they will break some preconceptions they had about themselves and their capacity.

Others will gain access, perhaps through work, to some very useful information that they will be able to put together, for the better purpose, even for a personal use somehow.

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