Gemini February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 8532 views

With a multitude of planetary aspects and rapid changes, February is going to be an unpredictable succession of 28 days.

Your ambitions are running at high levels so you won’t let yourself easily convinced to give up on anything. Your stubbornness will go as far as to deny the validity of actual facts that are being brought to your attention.

During the Venus square Jupiter transit, you are following the crowd as an instinct and this makes you want to appear brave and hard to influence, although on the inside, you are craving deeper connections.

Free yourself

When Venus steps in the territory of Pisces, as it will happen on 11 February, all things beautiful are going to be exalted. You are empathic and attentive to your partner or love interest but also know your own self-worth and to distinguish when something, no matter how attractive, is not in your favor.

There will be attempts from your side to gain the attention of your partner towards matters pertaining to your future together. This is a good time for reflection, prayer and healing old wounds by focusing enthusiastic energy on the near and far future.

You may also feel heavy under the pressure someone in the family puts on you but with intelligent compassion and a little empathy, you may be able to free yourself.

Temper your impulses

It’s all about thinking outside the box around the 15th with the new Moon in Aquarius and the partial solar eclipse.

This is the best moment for beginning new projects and if you missed out on making your list of resolutions at the new year or you want to change them, channel your energy now.

Any eclipse marks a shift in the vibrational alignment of the planets, a surplus of energy we can use to reinvent ourselves.

The only word of caution is not to have any great expectations of change, especially coming from those around, because you, the individual, will be the master of your plans therefore your motivation will lead. If you are lacking it or there is not enough, chances of dramatic change are dim.

Taking it all in

With Mars squaring Neptune, come the 17th, you don’t really have where to hide from conflict and indecent tendencies and behaviors are going to be easily revealed. Addictive behaviors from the past may surface now, especially if things may be tough at work and you have been feeling under pressure for a while now.

You may find yourself easily suggestible, especially when in the company of dear friends. Some may even want to experience something sensual and unusual and may end up searching for this in a very unlikely place.

Repetitive behavior may also be something you are into, trying to replicate a sensation you may have experienced before, even if this has taken place a long time ago and only for a brief moment.


With Mercury square Mars at the end of February, your mouth is your weapon and you will always be ready to engage in a verbal battle. This also means you are very susceptible to external provocations and may end up reacting in an aggressive way even to harmless comments.

The wisdom lesson you are due to learn during this time has to do with knowing when to speak and when to listen. You will gain more from listening and taking in experiences than from defending empty ideas.

You are not very practical either so may want to be careful when taking on activities that require attention to detail and dexterity. Your clumsiness may lead to domestic accidents and even on such occasions, you will be very reluctant to show any accountability.

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