Gemini February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Beauty will come from the most unexpected of situations this February and you might find yourself doing things you have never expected you would do.

Don’t get too enthusiastic though because we are not talking about major experiences, but rather small things that can really bring joy in your life.

Also, some situations may come with their added tensions and anxieties so your mindset might also end up being tested, and this will be quite tiresome.

There is a lot to look forward to this month and even the downtime moments will have this underlying note of excitement to them.

Keep in mind the following

The first few days of February mark a period full of energy and enthusiasm in which you will lack time to do all the things you will want. You will be easily distracted, perhaps a little agitated but surely your enthusiasm will be contagious.

This is the moment in which you will regard your social life with the harshest of eye and may even be prone to cutting off some toxic ties you have been clinging to.

Around the 9th we are only talking shopping and it seems that this will become an experience with exchanges of opinions and objects. You might even forge a new friendship with a very creative person that you admire very much.

You can even make some investment driven by a desire to save but try not to do this on a whim and definitely not with all the money you have in the bank. Stick to being rational, even if the rewards will not be as large.

The subsequent passage of the Sun and Mercury in your tenth house will mark an important time for your dreams and your social and professional aspirations.

The Sun will give you its great energy to help with the achievement of your ambitions whilst Mercury will make all communication matters very easy to navigate.

Around the 20th, be prepared for your enthusiasm to drop a little but don’t assume there is something alarming going on. Perhaps you just need to rest a bit and retreat from your bustling social life.

Take time for yourself and research something that interests you. This time in solitude will really help you recharge, without affecting any of your social relations.

Gemini love horoscope for February

The temperature seems to rise in your romantic life, whether this is something you have been searching for or not. But your expectations are still rather high so there will be a lot of effort for others to meet them.

But you can most certainly count on Venus’ activity to keep you busy and to spice up your daily life, perhaps with some crazy ideas.

It also seems that Venus is not on its own but rather in the company of Jupiter, which will reinforce your thirst for intimacy.

It’s for sure that you don’t want to be alone, no matter what, but at the same time you wish to enjoy your freedom.

The good news is that, especially during the second half of the month, your fears and complexes will say in hiding and you will be able to take joy, even from the smallest of things, without having to dread the worst.

After the 18th you might not have as much time on your hands to dedicate to your love life but this is not to say that you are not going to be as active. The only difference is that you will be a lot more rushed and this also comes with an increased risk of silly decisions.

Venus also encourages those who are in a relationship to be open about their desires and fantasies, who knows … they might even have them granted.

The single natives will feel this overwhelming need to abandon themselves to love and to try and make things work with someone they have just met. But perhaps being a little bit more selective would be better.

Money and career highlights

In the month of February, there will be little to distract you from your goals and there might be some chances for travel, perhaps business-related ones.

You are very keen to try new experiences but at the same time seem to be more responsible than usual.

You might be presented with some opportunities at work but these might involve spending even more time there and this might not really be something that you are that willing to consider.

Those natives who are still studying and whom have some exams coming up should take things seriously and not chance anything because, especially around the 18th, there is no room for improvisation and they really need to know their stuff.

Towards the end of the month it may be that your partner or someone close gets involved with what you do and this breath of fresh air will really help you. You may be surprised by what you find out from them and will be rather open to following their advice.

Your health this February

It’s a good time to mind what you eat and see a specialist if there is something that is bothering you.

The first week will make you feel more tired than usual and perhaps more sleep is not necessarily the answer. You may find that by exercising, you can increase your resistance to effort.

Perhaps you should also abandon your car and public transportation for at least a portion of your journey to work and even take the stairs and not the lift. This if you don’t work on the 20th floor somewhere.

What you imagine around the 20th may actually come true so keep a positive mindset and even write your goals somewhere. Make sure they are reasonable and that you break them down in little steps to follow.

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