Gemini Horoscope 2019: Key Yearly Predictions

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For Gemini natives, 2019 promises a lot, especially on a professional level. Be it planning or strategy implementation, social status or success in business, they will have it all.

With determination and perseverance, as well as patience, it’s impossible for these individuals not to achieve great things.

Although there are a few bumps on the road, with boldness and a confident attitude, Geminis will manage to efficiently dodge them and eventually reach a new level.

But, because success and fortune don’t just fall into your lap just like that, and because only those who deserve it shall receive it, the situation is the same with Geminis as well. They have to spend time, put forth a great deal of effort and pay double attention to how they do things.

Therefore, self-control and self-awareness, as well as a strong dose of wisdom, are all desirable components of a successful recipe for greatness.

The planets align in your favor, and you can only rejoice knowing that your opportunities are significantly more lucrative and with more potential.

It is then understandable when you will find it exponentially easier to seal some deals or make some profitable partnerships. Jupiter is there to help, giving you that extra push.


Watch out! Do not, under any circumstances, rush into the thick of things without a plan in mind. Think it through over and over again, until you commit to doing something. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and such is the case with achieving success as well. Take it slow, analyze and organize your plans and then act.

Venus is the main influencer this time around, and whether it’s material goods, social relationships or intimate relations, everything can and will experience a development.

From the 4th of April until the 7th of August, Gemini natives will most probably achieve something important, a chance to work their way up the social ladder or possibly finalize a contract.

Gemini love horoscope 2019

Regarding love and intimate relationships, Gemini natives will find themselves in a few tough spots, mainly because they focus their attention more on career and professional advancement, rather than on their partner. And that may possibly end bad. But all is not lost, because the planets haven’t forgotten about the Geminis.

They seem to be more understanding and compassionate with close ones, who, in turn, can’t seem to escape those attractive charms of theirs.

April and May especially are a perfect period for striking up a serious conversation with their other half, while in May and June, many changes will happen, courtesy of Venus.

August and September however, mark a possible rupture in the relationship, the cause being probably related to something that happened in the past.

For lonesome Geminis, the new year will be of significant importance.


Enhance: No more adventures and temporary relationships, the time has come to find someone to settle down with. Venus will influence their decision making in that regard anyway.

Their social life and friends meter will experience a sharp increase. Calmer and more understanding, they will find it very easy to start a new partnership or integrate in a new social circle.

Making friends was never so easy, but they should pay attention to who they actually put their trust in. Many people only seek to further their own aims and wouldn’t hesitate to manipulate and deceive others in order to do just that.

And those love problems, they’ll eventually sort themselves out by the time March nears its end, so it was really just a temporary issue that won’t affect your performance for the rest of the year.

Gemini career horoscope 2019

Great things are in store for Geminis this year. Career-wise, they will finally have the chance to fulfill their dreams and plans, as well as starting a business if ambitious enough.

And when that opportunity comes, it’s certain that only good can come out of it, given the natural intellectual prowess and determination a Gemini is capable of.

For those not happy with the present working place, this may be a time to start looking for something new and satisfying. After all, why waste your life in a place that doesn’t suit you?

And that is twice true when you can easily find something more to your liking, just by carefully choosing the right moment to do so. Thus, while January and April will be a good period to start thinking about a change, the period between May and June is the most suitable.

You will not only feel more confident in yourself, but also have greater chances to hit the jackpot and stumble upon the perfect job.

And if it seems complicated and insecure to initiate a project or start a business and put all your eggs in one basket, just remember that it’s only natural and it’s going to work itself out.

It is after all a risky move, but given enough time, you will gain more confidence and knowledge, and possibly even receive support from outside sources.

Gemini finances in 2019

This year, Gemini natives will be hell-bent on making a situation for themselves. Money and material goods are the things they want the most, and a lot of time and effort are being put forward in that direction.

Working with blind abandon and reckless focus is most probably going to get them great profits, but it’s a good year for them regardless of the effort they put in. Fame and fortune will knock on their doorstep even without all that obsessive and tiresome behavior.

Although there may be some small financial problems occurring from time to time, it’s nothing to worry about, because by the end of July, all will be fine.

Even more, Mercury and Jupiter make their appearance at the end of the year and instill the Gemini with a great intuition and instincts for doing efficient business.

Gemini health & wellbeing in 2019

A lot of potential problems and health issues may appear during the first half of the year. Saturn will make you feel a surge of negativity and stress as you tend to be more anxious and fearful.

Emotional instability is also another obstacle that can only be surpassed by trying to be more patient and tolerant towards people.

Another thing to keep in mind is that January and February will be the worst if you decide to take on someone’s offer to go on a trip.

Chances are you’ll get sick and combined with the heightened probability of stomach problems that may appear in the future, it won’t be good for you, not the least bit.

But enough with the negative things. The next six months will bring with them not only a healthy body and mind, but also a winning attitude.

Feeling as if though nothing can stop them, Gemini natives will however have to keep themselves in check, as problems are quick to appear in such cases of over-exertion.

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