Gemini Horoscope 2022: Key Yearly Predictions

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An intellectual with a sharp mind and the wildest imagination, you will have a rather fertile, colorful and prolific 2022. Neptune and Venus, which are both rulers of the arts, will be in Aquarius and in trine with your Sun sign for the year’s beginning.

It’s very likely you’ll create masterpieces meant to last in time. However, you may also decide to do computer work for a while. As a matter of fact, if you’re not very careful, you may end up having family problems, just because you’re not at all interested in leaving your desk chair.

In case you’re more inspired than ever, just keep on going. Yet if you’re running out of energy, allow yourself to just relax from time to time. Venus is going to help Geminis shine in their artistic pursuits.

You need to allow your inspiration and moods to guide you. Saturn is going to help with the plans you’re making, not to mention it will bring you excellence. As far as relationships are going, expect a turbulent year’s beginning.

During the year’s last half, the planet Venus will help you get your romance back. For the year’s second quarter, Mars is going to help you succeed in business. You need to pay close attention to your health and fitness levels.

Don’t have high expectations and just go at your own pace. Geminis’ reactions are going to be mixed in 2022. Jupiter and Saturn will influence them until quarter 3. It’s very likely these natives won’t be too sharp or lucky during this time period, especially in the family and career sectors.

However, the year’s last quarter will compensate for all this, bringing a lot of good luck, even for those Twins who don’t have the best of intentions. You are advised to check your weekly horoscope if you want to be lucky with your moves.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2022

You have had a rather social 2021 despite the whirlwind of events. Many of you Geminis married or got involved in a serious relationship. All Twins expanded their circle of friends and established the most extraordinary connections.

After April 2022, their need of doing much more in this direction is going to increase. From a romantic point of view, your desires are going to be focused on a single individual that you want very close to you.

You may give much more importance to the sexual side of love, which is not at all common for you, seeing you’re the type looking for mental connections. At least you’re going to feel blessed to be with someone who listens, although your physical desires are still going to be increased this year.

Geminis who are single will be given many opportunities to develop passionate relationships with healthcare specialists and their work colleagues. They will very likely meet someone special at their office or in a hospital, not to mention people in managing positions will attract you more.

Starting with April, expect the connections you have already developed with others to become steadier. Those of you who are looking to get married for the 2nd time may come across the person who’s perfect for you.

This will happen fast and unexpectedly. You will meet someone astrologically compatible with you, an intellectual and unconventional person who’s always rebelling.

Good friends and co-workers may introduce you to this special person, in a more formal setting. Those of you who are looking to get married or serious with someone for the 3rd time in your life, may have your social horizons narrowing down this year.

Someone very mature and responsible is going to enter your life, so you will learn a lot about duty, support and stability. Allow your relationship to evolve, so welcome love. On April 17, the photo voltaic eclipse is going to bring clarity into your love life.

All Geminis who happen to be parents of children of marriage age may have a wedding in the family. Your child’s relationship will be re-examined, especially after the month of April. It’s also very likely someone older will enter his or her life.

Your child wants to be in a long-term and stable relationship. He or she will have many admirers, but the desire to get married is going to prevail. Try to be supportive and forgiving with your son or daughter in 2022.

Gemini Career Horoscope 2022

The planet Uranus in your 11th Solar House is going to perform some internal workings, asking you to have a second look at your goals and life philosophy. Reassess what matters the most to you, decide where you should put your efforts in first.

You may have the tendency to focus too much on work and how much you’re earning. In July, make sure you’re listening to your 6th sense because if you do, all the answers you’re looking for are going to be revealed, very likely with the help of someone dear.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be in control of your own life. Neptune is going to change signs too this year, being in Aquarius for the entire January. For the time period of its long transit through your 9th Solar House, the mystical Neptune will make you more eager to be spiritual, to let go of the materialistic side of life.

Have a look at the years that passed ever since Neptune entered the sign of Aquarius. You will notice how much you’ve changed after understanding more who you actually are, gaining more trust in yourself, plus the knowledge that you have accumulated in your professional life.

Do this while Neptune is moving towards your 10th Solar House. On February 3rd, this planet is going to permanently enter Pisces, having from here an influence that’s both positive and challenging.

You may get mixed with many people from work, but make sure you don’t believe everything they’re saying. Confusion and some misunderstandings may appear. During this time, you may question your professional direction and role in life.

Having a mentor could greatly help you, together with believing in yourself. Keep in mind that Neptune is only meant to inspire you. The motivation has to come from within you.

Pluto will continue its long transit through Capricorn, influencing you in your 8th Solar House to gain more from joint resources, inheritances and insurances.

Being the ruler of transformation, this planet brings changes no matter where it may be located, not to mention it doesn’t accept refusals. You need to do what it asks of you.

In the financial sector, it wants you to have more security. Just pay your debts, save more, spend less and make sure you have a retirement plan well established.

Make sure you have all your valuable possessions insured too. At the same time, don’t hesitate to involve your partner in your finances. In case you want to buy something expensive, look for the best offers available. If you take risks, Pluto is going to bring you losses.

Social Life Predictions for the Twins

Ever since the year will begin, the planet Saturn is going to positively influence agreements and negotiations. In case you want to see your dreams becoming a reality, just put what seems achievable first.

Don’t ask for the impossible and know your limits. Starting with May 11th and until October 28th, planet Jupiter in the sign of Aries accelerates cadence. You will get along well with everyone, not to mention feel like the impossible is very much possible.

The same Jupiter will favor plans being put into action, whereas Mars will bring reinforcements starting with May 26th and until July 6th.

Everyone will agree with you, so you’re going to win every step of the way. Your personal ambitions are going to get realized. If you want to avoid disappointments, just be reasonable with yourself and others.

Gemini Health in 2022

You will have good health in the year’s beginning, with maybe only a few ups and downs. Jupiter in the 9th House will have the 5th aspect on Rising, which indicates you’re going to be more physical and have a good fitness level.

You will also have peace of mind, a more constructive way of thinking, and the happiness you’re looking for. After April 2022, expect your health to deteriorate a bit.

You may become unexpectedly ill because Saturn will be in the 8th House. Therefore, just pay attention to your health during this time period.

Make sure you’re eating well. Very likely you’ll experience stomach issues and feel more tired, but some exercise will help you feel better again.

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