Gemini January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2515 views

You’ll be balancing on a tight rope this January and this coupled with your eagerness to live more and more will give you quite a hard time in understanding where you are actually headed.

And you aren’t even in need to find solutions because they are right under your nose. You need to open your eyes and look at them straight instead of imagining all sorts of scenarios.

Enthusiastic till proven wrong

Career looks good with Mars there if you like being in a cozy comfortable place without too much challenge as things seem to be still asleep for you in the first half of the month. Maybe those at your work are still reminiscing their holidays or maybe you are not really in the mood to put up with extra work.

But don’t let yourself fooled, this in only for a couple of days because then the tone radically changes and times become quite busy and stress will soon bite you.

In perfect contrast to what is going on at work, in your free time you will have to fight your enthusiasm and this risky behavior that seems to show up from time to time just to make your days more colorful and to complicate those of people around you.

And who knows how much longer is your partner going to accept this. At one point you crave affection and at the other you feel suffocated and the complex relations created between Venus and Saturn might be to blame. They seem to be imprint you a rhythm these days where you are continuously on and off with your loved one.

Keep your thoughts under control

You’ll have to wait for things to happen this month, no wait, better said you’ll be forced to accept that time beats all and no matter how much effort you put it, not that you are too willing to invest your work or nerves, there are things beyond you in most equations.

Most times your wait will be rewarded but around the 10th you will probably feel as if your head is going to explode under the weight of how much you have to sort out.

You’re not necessarily motivated to see things move around you but you are effective in what you do and in case those around you sense that and promote work to you, even financial rewards will show up out of this.

Some might not be as obvious but given that Venus is conjunct with Neptune, your accomplishments might be shown publically or you’ll get to mingle with affluent people somehow.

Mentally agile or mentally agitated

Mental agitation is set to bring conflict and some sharp words will come out of your mouth directed towards friends most likely because surprisingly enough, you’ll be quite polite and refrained with your family, maybe somewhat acknowledging that they are generally putting up with you enough.

But what you will also obtain from this status of having your mind permanently on, as brought by Mercury and Pluto conjunct, is a keen observatory spirit, being able to discern between what is good in a person and what they need to improve.

Beware of comments on that unless you are in a very good relationship with that person and you can be honest about what you noticed.

Also, although it will cross your mind, don’t use this to manipulate anyone because it will create a very difficult to handle situation, especially if we are talking about emotional matters.

Be strategic or go home

Coming back to the balance from when we started, I would advise you to make sure you sleep enough because this will be one of the main reasons making you feel as if you can’t contend your thoughts.

At times, you might have a tendency to over work and to set some absurd deadlines, something which will be dangerous not only for your job performance but also for your health.

Stay away from giving or taking loans because in the middle of January you are not particularly wise with money.

There might be a knick for negotiation and no one can actually stop you from sensing and practicing that but try to stay within home boundaries and don’t take things further than that.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Basically, don’t leave money out of your hand but don’t let other tempt you with quick winnings because although they might be perfectly legit and a great chance indeed, this is not the right moment for you.

Towards the end of the month make room for some entertainment, would be best something with a cultural component but who would stop you if you just want to binge watch your favorite tv show.

This might be an occasion to show your partner some closeness as well as Venus might be prompting you to do. Life in two can be fun with the right ingredients and you might need to let yourself guided by intuition in regard to that.

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