Gemini January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 3809 views

An enthusiastic month in which you prefer to be after financial gain, as it seems that this is the main motivator at the moment. You need goals that are difficult but attainable and want to benefit fully from the energy you are feeling this beginning of 2017.

Words are also very important for you and prefer to interpret and reinterpret everything that is being said to you. Some may say you are a bit too nit-picky while others will make a more direct statement about this and will prefer to limit their interaction with you.

Your partner might also have something to say about this debating of yours and those conversations are not going to be simple at all. If you don’t want them to lead to something more unpleasant you need to set some limits to this behavior of yours.

What you care about

It seems that career is going to put some pressure on your family life as well, around the 10th, whether you have to stay some extra hours or travel.

You are very active socially and this cuts even further from the hours you get to spend around the house so no wonder these discussions come up.

There may be something you can do to mend things in this respect, most likely having to do with unique support you can offer to your partner, in a time that is rather difficult for them. You can provide useful insight, perhaps something you haven’t thought of either.

On a particular occasion you are quick to anticipate someone’s movement but then you kind of think you are too good for that and take your eyes off the whole situation so in the end you don’t really benefit from anything.

Love troubles

After the 15th, there are higher chances of travel than usual, but this time it doesn’t really need to be connected to work. If you haven’t had a holiday in some time, perhaps now is the moment. Get your friends on board as well if you want this to be as fun as possible.

Some fluctuations in your love life will happen, especially if you are single and looking. It may be that you create certain hopes and expectations and in the end, you are the only one who is really disappointed.

No one says you shouldn’t let your guard down and be honest in your love attempts, there is a difference though between doing so and creating an image that is completely broken from reality.

Some may be overly critical with themselves and in an attempt to better themselves will keep trying to compare with others. You need to acknowledge that everyone has their own setting and you should also remember what you want from your life.

Your memories

The days between the 18th and the 23rd will be spent in some kind of search for inner peace and you might be put in contact with some personal memories from the past. Some of them may not be as sweet as you expect them.

A little bitterness might rise, especially if you feel like there is some sort of unfinished business related to that as well.

Someone older from the family, might put some extra pressure on you in this regard. You need to tap into some coping mechanisms you’ve learned in the past, in order to overcome this.

These days on the other hand, you might come across an interesting balance between how much you want to invest in your work and how much time you should spend at home. Noticing this will probably give you more confidence to keep things in this direction.

A bit wobbly with decisions

Mercury’s movement on the 28th is not bringing any clarity in your life but on the contrary, seems to put even more roadblocks. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to make decisions and if you dread any movement because of what it can trigger.

On one hand, this helps you stay away from a risk prone attitude but doesn’t offer you any occasions to move things from where they are at the moment.

You need to brace yourself for February at least. Use this time to program whatever you have in mind.

Allow yourself to rekindle an old hobby, even if it takes a great proportion of your free time. Natives with small children should get those involved as well. Young unfiltered wisdom is what can bring unexpected light in your life.

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