Gemini January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3669 views

A promising month from a professional point of view, especially in regards to partnerships. You will be very busy but luckily, you may have had a bit of rest during the holidays, so you won’t feel working as such a big strain.

The current disposition will appreciate your hard work so there won’t be any major obstacles to deal with. You may experience some delays during the second half of the month, but they won’t impact on your end goal eventually.

A great month for learning lessons, whether you are into education in a formal way or just being very observant with what is going on around you.

Be careful

The stars are not going to protect you against health issues I am afraid so you may experience some nervous symptoms, perhaps a cold and even a risk of sprains and other muscular incidents.

This may mean that you are to occupy some days, perhaps around the 7th, with hospitals or similar places of care, for investigations and treatment.

Luckily, your loved one will be very supportive of you and will listen to all your complaints, no matter how small or how annoying.

A friend may surprise you with an unexpected visit and if you haven’t seen this person in a long while, you are going to be very happy.

Seeking entertainment

It appears that the entertainment peak of the month will be somewhere around the 14th, where you will not allow any work issues affect your mood and will seek to have fun. You may go see a show, a concert or throw a small party at home.

Although very responsible, you are still up for new experiences and may try something you have never tried before. You will ask others for challenges and will likely not move away from anything, no matter how silly it may be.

You should be warned that this behaviour may trigger some discussions with your partner and things are not going to be that easy. No matter how much romance you will try to put in at this stage, it’s just not that easy.

Making sense …

How do you feel about serendipity and how much do you believe in coincidences because it seems that the second half of January, will bring some episodes that will make you think.

Either that you meet with someone you haven’t seen in a million years or realize how things are connected, you will definitely feel that there is a bigger purpose to what you are doing.

These moments will likely make you feel both nostalgic and meditative and you may take a while to be on your own and think of your life.

Some natives will need to make some rapid decisions regarding their love life and will try to cling to any connections they see, just to make it easier. You are trying to find outside justifications for your impulsive decisions.

Practical changes

After the 26th, you will benefit from a charming moment at home, perhaps related to a change you long imagined would take place.

You probably almost forgot about this so the surprise will be even greater. You are going to require some background information to ensure you are doing the best in the situation that will be laid in front of you.

Some natives will also go shopping and will need to ward off any temptations they may have. This is more about things you really need rather than about wants and what you imagine you would like to do. The more grounded you are these days, the better you are going to feel about yourself later on too.

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