Gemini January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The beginning of the new year will be somewhat slower for you, dear Gemini. Therefore, do not expect major changes or achievements. The career situation will be rather stable.

If you are thinking about advancing your career, you will have to wait a little longer. During this time, it is also important to take care of your health and prevent any easily avoidable ailments.

The year begins on an optimistic note. You are surrounded by people you love and you start to have more confidence in your own person.

In addition, you enjoy a passionate sentimental life and begin to look at things from a perspective that makes you pay more attention to detail.

On the other hand, you begin to pay more attention to social interactions and reduce the time you spend on your own.

January highlights

The year debuts with you needing to make some arrangements, pay some expenses or plan something ahead. Throughout this process you will make use of your skills and those of your significant other, or perhaps those of a business partner.

The second week of January might come with some conflicts because you really wish to speak your mind and don’t let anything go past you. There may be moments when it’s best to temper yourself because you might end up regretting some of the things that will be said.

During the second half of the month the atmosphere at work becomes more harmonious, which allows you to have more effective interactions with your superiors.

Starting with the 16th, you seem more inclined than usual to try new things and look at things from a different perspective. In the course of or around the 20th, you are not very much in your waters, but it seems that this is not a state of mind that will take you too long.

Expect to be rather busy at work, as the month nears its end but also expect to thrive in your social life and be at the center of everyone’s attention. Some natives may even get the chance to connect with a person of a greater social standing, someone they may have wanted to meet for quite some time.

Gemini love horoscope for January 2020

You are quite pretentious in matters of love this month and would rather be alone than in bad company. And your list of criteria for good company is so long that it takes a real charmer to tick all the boxes. You are also not very keen on dating throughout the month and not easy to impress.

Your partner may be quite demanding of you as well and you will not be very happy if you have to tend to domestic activities, a source of discussions and conflict.

You may also be accused that you are not showing your feelings and that you are hiding something, even if this is not the case at all. You will want to lash back at your partner to counter their accusations and some past issues, that you thought were long buried, might resurface.

After the 20th, single natives can breathe easily, there will be no other family reunions or similar, for people to complain about them being single so they can enjoy their lifestyle without any more unwanted family judgment.

Professional life this month

We can't put our finger on it and show it, because the 10th house of astrology, that of career, is a hidden one, but the effects are felt and I don't think it matters much where they come from. The main thing is that when they come, when we feel them, we thank them.

We also have the Full Moon in Cancer on January the 10th, a lot of information will come your way and you will need to be attentive to capture all of it.

It is not by accident that one lies between the field of science and the responsibilities assumed, between the field of self-imposed constraints and those demanded from outside the being. The Moon says something will happen!

Something important that will bring the native to the top. It is not thought, it is subtler than thought, it is not emotion, it is more sensitive than emotion. The concrete position is desired by the native not with the senses of the physical body, but with what the mind wants.

To continue the story, the amazing transformations that take place this month can propel the Gemini natives to the place they "know" to occupy! A new way of seeing things, an intellectual and / or spiritual opening feel in the air, even if the Gemini native doesn't manage to open his mouth at work.

Health and wellbeing

Health problems that could occur this month are related to the legs, starting from the hips and ending with the soles.

And these conditions can be due to the lack of effort of some of the natives, a real sedentary period.

There may also be problems in the area of ​​the genitals if the harmony around the natives is lacking. All the energy around you can have an impact on you so beware of your thoughts this month.

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