Gemini July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3309 views

With a lot of diplomacy and spending time in the company of the right people, you might discover that this July is actually a great time to create valuable relationships. Whilst this is not necessarily the best time for a change of work place or even profession, you are allowed to flirt with these options and meet interesting people along the way.

During the first half of the month you seem to be very organized and are following your objectives. As the month progresses, you tend to become complacent, also because the stars are going to be kind to you.

You are full of ideas but sort of leave them aside because you are not sure of the consequences. The only benefit of this is the fact that your self-confidence does get a boost and you feel more in charge of your options than normally.

Important decisions

The first week of July might come with some choices for you and you might have to make an investment or step out of something. Perhaps you will not sleep for a couple of nights because of this but the likelihood is that, in the end, you will make the right decision.

You just need to be careful who you hire to help you out on the matter and how honest they are. The biggest risk here is to have your personal affairs circulating as a gossip in certain environments.

And speaking about this, it seems that there will be some kind of family gathering that you will have to attend and at which you will have to show your loyalty to someone older than you, perhaps by doing them a significant favour.

Lessons to learn at work

Around the 12th, the stars are going to challenge you and not everything you do at work is going to come out as you want it. But the truth is, this lesson is more about learning how to react without being offensive to others and without making matters worse.

The misunderstandings and confusions that are bound to happen are quite easy to correct. It is more how this makes you feel on the spot, how you react to others and what consequences these actions of yours have.

You should spend more time on your own at home, doing something that relaxes you and thinking about all this. This time spent in solitude might bring out some answers you didn’t even know you were capable of.


You will have to be very attentive around the 18th, especially when it comes to signing documents or manipulating money. You will tend to be distracted by very small things and won’t know how to react when something happens, especially if you are under pressure.

A lot of this stress is caused by unnecessary thoughts. Your partner will be able to help you calm down but you will need to let them do it.

There may be some moments of ambition in which you will prefer to say that you are doing fine on your own.

House chores are going to put extra pressure but luckily, you don’t feel this as much. On the contrary, it may be that this counts as something that relaxes you, of course, if not done for too long.

Good lifestyle choices

You are advised to use the last days of July to revamp yourself and get started with some healthy habits. It may not be something too organized or too big. Eat better and healthier than usual and perhaps spend some time outdoors.

Natives who are already healthy may feel this need to do something more, although this is probably just inside their heads. You don’t have to become a fitness fanatic if all you want is slightly more energy.

Around the 28th, you will get a chance to surprise your friends with your new life choices during a gathering of some kind so if before then you weren’t convinced by their benefits, after this moment you will also feel guilty about not going ahead with them.

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