Gemini July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Great chances might be upon you, dear Gemini, this July, especially when it comes to opportunities that are brought by other people.

So by any means, enjoy the time you spend with others and try to meet as many people as possible.

An interesting person will appear in your life and his or her company will most definitely produce an impression on you. Luckily, you will not be completely under a spell and you will know how to react, and the good times spent together will follow.

There will be several moments this month when you will feel perfectly relaxed, especially when in the right company, but don’t forget to spend time on your own too.

Professionally, you may find that with perseverance and effort, progress is on the cards, and this doesn’t necessarily come with more work, but rather with a more relaxed schedule.

If financially you manage to find solutions in the right places, sentimental matters may seem irremediable. You are crossing a period of emotional instability that can push you to act unconsciously toward your partner, and if you are alone, to possible partners. There may be a third person in your life, and you are willing to let them in.

Try to keep your patience and pay more attention to health. It looks like you will not enjoy too much support from your family, because yours will not be near you when you need it.

July highlights

You seem to start this month in a very confident tone and it seems that the stars are obliging to put in front of you, all sort of opportunities, perhaps even a chance to capitalize on your savings.

During the second week of the month, you might want to be careful and watch your sharp tongue because you are likely to say more than you wish to say and this might end up putting you in quite a sensible situation.

You are not meaning to be aggressive but perhaps you are being a little too gossipy for your own good. Some desirable social occasions may also open up, if you manage not to offend the people involved.

Around the 18th, you may be faced with a hefty bill, perhaps one that has nothing to do with you but that you are still expected to settle. You will stress quite a bit about this but some smart solution will eventually come up.

Around the 24th, you will be very interested in some artistic activities and you will be very keen to express yourself in all sort of ways. It may even be that you attract an artist or someone in the field, in your entourage and this should give you a boost.

Gemini love horoscope for July 2019

This is going to be a rather tricky July to navigate, with respect to relationship aspects. You may fear losing control or missing out on chances that you will start behaving extremely badly, bein very clumsy, outspoken and even taking unnecessary risks.

On the other hand, you have the chance to rekindle the passion in the relationship as long as you realize that love means dedication, respect, attention to the needs of the other.

There are important days this July in which you have the chance to wake up from an illusion, to bring to life the true intentions of your life partner.

Especially around the middle of the month, the stars offer you the chance to see the truth as you look at the things above with some detachment and compassion. You are restored to the ground if you take into account what your soul tells you or the advice from a mentor, spiritualist.

Whatever it is, this month is for you not to isolate yourself, but to look for answers, to socialize, to talk about your own fears, losses, traumas of the past.

Towards the 29th, there will be several good occasions to get involved in a new love affair, flirting with the awakening of passions, expressing your own desires and expressing your own sexuality. On the other hand, there is a risk of starting a relationship that will prove to be inconsistent with your expectations.

Career progress this month

The two eclipses of this July, the Sun one of the 2nd and the Moon one of the 14th, might play an important part into how you perceive your professional life.

Yes, you’re read it right. It’s not about actual changes but rather the impact they have on you and how you interpret things. It may even be that you take some time to think about your current position and so come across an interesting opportunity.

Some older issues may re-surface, and become, all of a sudden, very pressing.

The Sun's Eclipse can mark a period of crisis that forces you to find new sources of income or re-evaluate your financial priorities. Some Gemini tend to spend uselessly on luxury things, exactly when they should clearly define their goods of strict necessity.

With Mercury retrograde, you are also likely to waste a lot of time talking but not actually reaching a resolution. Be careful of this, especially at work.

Luckily, it seems like you have a superior who is on your side and who will not bother you too much throughout this month.

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