Gemini July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In July, Gemini natives are warned of fragile partnerships on all dimensions of their existence, but they do benefit from an exchange of auspicious messages in financial and social terms.

The twins want to work harder during this period to receive a salary increase. They are not doing well with the money lately and they need an extra amount of money. If they prove that they deserve this increase, it is possible by the end of the month to convince the bosses and get what they set out to do.

July comes with a lot of creativity, but also with a greater inclination towards the spiritual side. Thus, you manage to solve without difficulty the problems that get in your way and, in addition, you manage to give yourself more moments of respite that will allow you to put your thoughts in order.

July 2020 highlights

July could be a very sentimental month for you. All the feelings you have gathered in you want to come to the surface. Whether you feel sadness, anger or disappointment, let them come to the surface. Geminis should not socialize much during this period, as they may seem hypersensitive.

Occasional isolation is not a mistake, because the person is able to put their thoughts in order and charge themselves with energy for the next part of the journey through life.

The stars promise Gemini a great chance when it comes to relationships. An interesting person will appear in your life and his or her company will enchant you. You will know how to react, and the time spent together will go by smoothly. You feel perfectly relaxed when you are in their company.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 3rd: Be wise about how you spend the resources you earn.

Around the 11th: Worry less about relationships and live more in the moment.

Around the 14th: Take on board any new project, although it might seem overwhelming.

Around the 22nd: Don’t let the tensions of one discussion shadow an entire collaboration.

Around the 29th: Some financial rewards may suddenly appear on the horizon.

Gemini love horoscope for July

You are going through an intense longing to establish peace, good understanding and harmony in the relationship with your loved one, and they seem to be on the same wavelength as you.

As a result, nothing stands in the way of your emotional sharing, especially since it tends to be spicy and with an increased erotic momentum.

If you are solo, do not orient yourself towards a possible adventure with someone of extraordinary outer beauty, preferring rather a potential partner endowed with a true inner beauty, having the grace to bring to light the most hidden treasures of the self.

The temptations in your environment are growing stronger and you can overlook reality to indulge in illusions, as an effect of the activity of the stars. Do not ask the impossible from yourself or from others.

You feel fascinated by the beauties of the world ignored lately, you are encouraged to discover or rediscover the simple but fulfilling joys of life, and you have the ability to differentiate between what is valuable and what is not in it. Sometimes, daydreaming can make you neglect significant details of your business so it would be advisable to put them aside today and relax, disconnect.

Career horoscope

You can dedicate yourself to study, especially in a field that you are passionate about. In the last decade of the month you long for more freedom and you are overwhelmed by the urge to get involved in physical activities, sports.

No wonder after spending so much time in the house, but you can reconcile the goat with the cabbage by setting up a regular exercise or yoga program in your own home.

Since you express your personality and interests with emphasis, recklessness, it is not excluded to access yourself in a leading position.

The current activity of the stars determines you to avoid any harsh, stressful aspect of existence, and to be around people capable of keeping a smile on your face. When you are appreciated by others, you are prone to do them any favors you are capable of.

So beware of people who may be careful to take advantage of you by flattering you, mimicking friendship. Towards the end of the month, the stars make it easier for you to communicate an important message to a loved one. The burden of responsibilities is lightened and you stand out through the efficiency, organization and careful planning of your actions.

Some natives may feel overwhelmed by a lot of professional responsibilities. Maybe your usual, comfortable work routine has been shaken by a surprising event, and you need to make an effort to readjust.

In the second part of it, you are still animated by an immeasurable ambition in the evolution of your career. You are not satisfied with half measures, you focus on long-term goals, you are ready to make sacrifices, remarkable efforts to enjoy success, without losing your realism for a moment.

Your wellbeing this month

You seem to be incredibly talkative, to communicate hastily, even sincerely hidden thoughts so far, to respond promptly to any challenge, to anyone who contradicts you. Beware, however, of engaging in heated disputes with your parents or bosses at work.

You tend to coldly, lucidly examine your impact on those around you, and take firm steps to maximize it, to improve your personal image and communication with others.

You are not satisfied with the superficial things, and you are inclined to meditate on your future destiny, on the way in which you can fulfil your essential, authentic goals as soon as possible. Focus only on the beliefs that help you, and get rid of the outdated ones that can hinder your evolution.

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