Gemini July 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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July’s energies are inviting Geminis to take better care of their money and to enjoy one of their relationships that brings them only good. Until the 22nd, Cancer will host the Sun, favoring balance as far as finances go.

Until the 12th, your ruler, Mercury, in your own House, makes you have and overwhelming mind. Starting with the 13th and until the 28th, it will be in Cancer, so your financial sector will be once again favored.

At the month’s end, expect your encounters to be harmonious. Until the 29th, Mars in Leo strengthens your exchanges and collaborations, whereas your movements are going to be supported until the 22nd by Venus.

Great relationships to have. Until the 28th, Jupiter in Pisces has you selflessly committing yourself to work and all the everyday life matters. During the month’s end, Jupiter is going to join Aquarius and change your ideals.

Starting with the 23rd, you are very optimistic and enjoy a calm home life. The month looks very good.

July 2021 Highlights

In July, Gemini natives are going to be upset as a result of some family problems that they can resolve only by communicating. What will concern the most will be the issues appearing in their family life.

They will go through conflicts that haven’t been solved in the past and have real problems when it comes to communications. Some small grudges will reveal themselves again, so Twins will have to find their way out of them.

This will be possible for as long as they keep their cool and are willing to communicate, to reach an agreement with the people they’re involved with.

In case they manage to do just so, they will not find solutions to many of their problems, they will also find themselves more united with their family than ever again.

Either way, it will be very difficult for them to pass the storms they’ll encounter at home. In case they are in a relationship and not living with their partner, they should separate love and family matters.

Gemini Love Horoscope for July

Until the 22nd, Mars and Venus will be in a beautiful aspect with your constellation, announcing happiness and love. Sensual and emotional, you will be more intimate than ever, no matter if your passion is going to be renewed or you will go to one of the most joyful meeting you have ever had the chance to have.

For the month’s last week, you will be shyer and less passionate, but you’re going to still turn any situation in your favor because you will know how to do it. You must give importance to complicity for the entire month.

The Universe will pamper all your physical impulses and natural reserve of feelings. Along the way, you will be very good with communication, optimistic, strong and very creative, so your partner is going to feel very happy to be with you.

Career and Finances Horoscope

For Geminis, July is going to pass by having many ups and downs. These natives will have, until the 10th, the planetary aspects influencing them to finish their paperwork and professional projects.

Those of them who have decided to start working for a new company or perhaps have changed jobs in the recent months are going to receive the financial rewards they were expecting.

However, you need to be careful, as from the 22nd and until the 25th, you are at risk of making very big mistakes regarding your money. The economic situation is going to be regular.

In July, you may realize that your wallet is empty as a result of predicting the financial situation wrongly. You will need to change your focus so that you can cover your basic needs and just move forward with your everyday life.

While you will make more money, you will also have new expenses. For example, your care may unexpectedly break. Besides, the lunar eclipse from the 16th is going to impact your finances too. The realization that you need change your job will come.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Versatile and highly communicative, Mercury’s energies will encourage you to remain open to dialogue this month. You will cherish more one of the special relationships in your life, not to mention you’ll make some changes in the professional or social setting.

Your health is going to be rather delicate. Geminis will be very focused on their work and financial situation, so their nervous system is very likely to suffer. Many of them will get sick and not know what’s causing them to feel uncomfortable.

Others will have the tendency to eat too much, so they will gain weight and end up having digestive problems. You can opt for homeopathic and naturopathic treatments for the health problems that have been bothering for quite a while.

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