Gemini June 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-05-25, 3744 views

You are going to be very quick with drawing conclusions this June as it seems you are counting a lot on your intuition. Perhaps you should take a step back and wait for some things to unfold before you make any decisions.

There will be a lot of stubbornness going on, as well as occasions to shine because of your wits. You impress those around easily but you also tend to rely on this too much. There is still need for intense preparation, especially if you deal with some events you have never dealt with.

The best part is that despite your tendency to act on impulse you are going to learn your lessons and may even reserve some time for meditation at the end of some days. This will surely surprise people around you.

Need to be responsible

The first week of June will mean some important steps for you as something turn official. You might have been scared by the whole endeavor but there is no need to create more stress. You may also have to wait for some results, which will be nerve-wracking.

The word of advice for you given this situation is to try and not take it on those close to you, especially if they are not to blame for what is going on.

Be cautious with your possessions and with where you spend your time because there may be some chance of unpleasant surprises and unexpected losses. Your sense will tell you when you may be in danger but there is a long way from this to you actually listening to them.

Business travel may come up but you are not going to be too happy about this. Luckily, there may be some colleagues who can help with this, at least with arrangements if not attend in your place.

Pay attention

As we get closer to the 14th, you will feel this need to exercise more and to eat healthy. Perhaps this is happening because you don’t feel in shape or because you are somewhat feeling ashamed by yourself, especially in comparison to someone close.

You are going to be offered some interesting life choices and although these don’t have a long-term impact, you are still advised to be careful with what you choose.

Harmony in the home is going to be very important to you but if you are in a hurry almost all the time, you won’t really get a sense of that. Don’t let someone close pressure you into doing something you don’t want to.

If you give up on this occasion, not only this can be repeated but you will also feel quite frustrated and your whole mood will be affected for a couple of days.

Challenging times

During the second half of the month you are going to feel very good in your own skin, especially because of Mercury, that is also pushing things towards a more aggressive side.

You are very confident and are not afraid to speak your mind. What you are not taking in consideration however, is the fact that you are not always right and this might bring you to quite a sensible situation.

Similarly, there is a type of behavior that is not doing you any favor, one that prompts you to hide your unhappiness and to put a fun face on.

You are going to be more consumed than you can imagine by this so it is best not to do this for too many days. Perhaps a bit of time alone will help you balance.

Do something

The Jupiter, Sun and Mercury trigon will bring progress in your life and this might translate into some financial benefits. Needless to say you are going to be very pleased with yourself because of this.

On the other hand, you need not to forget about any people who have helped you along the way and give them the deserved credit.

This is one of those occasions in which you turn quite selfish and you will have to fight with yourself for a bit in order to make the right choices. However, once everything is settled you are not going to have as many regrets as you imagine you would, right now.

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