Gemini June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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If you are looking for a challenge this June, there you have it: this month is all about moving away from your comfort zone, either by going on with the flow, if you are surrounded by an exciting entourage or by doing something radical, that changes your previous thinking patterns and puts you in a different place altogether in life.

Anything driven by talent and intuition will have great chances of success, although there will also be moments of trial and error.

You may gain particular insight from a close friend who will exhibit a talent you didn’t even know about but that is right up your alley.

In hour professional life you really need to think big term and only focus on sustainable solutions, anything that fixes things on the short term has extra chances of going wrong. Plant the seeds now and make sure you don’t forget to nurture them at key moments.

As some of you may also have your birthdays this month, there will be a greater emotional charge than usual and everyone will be inclined to judge their past harsher and to step into the new year of their lives with very high expectations.


Watch out! Some unexpected expenses arising around the 5th may get you in a very worried state that you really need to avoid, or else you won’t be able to think of the right solutions.

Leadership and temptation

Good morale is a given at the start of June so you should make the best of your good mood. Play to your strengths but don’t forget about engaging those around. This June you may exhibit some selfish tendencies that are going to be counterproductive.

Make use of the sweet charm of Venus during the first three days before it enters oppositions with Pluto and Mars. This is your window of attractivity, best used to convince your partner to follow their lead in a matter in which they are doubting you.

But the first week will not be all about sentimental affairs as it seems that the Mercury Neptune square debuting on the 4th will enhance how you deal with business matters and will turn you into an unrivalled negotiator.

The only word of caution for you, whilst you are riding this wave, is to not get involved in any shady plans, because these, whilst not necessarily carrying severe consequences, will still damage your reputation.


TOP TIP of the month: From a communication point of view, the last week of the month will have you on top of everything going on, and you may have the chance to show a manipulative side of yours.

The New Moon on the 13th will bring a fresh air of freedom in your life and the sense that you are able to accomplish everything you set your mind to. Unfortunately, this attitude may easily be slammed by your partner, as they are trying to draw your attention to some domestic chores.

Good fortune may come out of small gestures so don’t let yourself frustrated by the thought that you are doing petty jobs instead of attempting to accomplish greatness.

You don’t have to worry about any big fights erupting because on the 19th, the Venus Mars opposition heats things up for everyone. And as you may now, the best make up after a fight will always take place in bed.

This aspect however, also comes with an overall vision over a situation developing at work and everyone will end up being surprised by your insight into these office politics.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury square Neptune aspect makes you more prone to imagining things and will keep you in a rather dreamy mode from which only those very objective from your entourage can get you out.

To fashion or not to fashion, this is the question …

Matters of personal image and style are also going to be in your attention around the 20th, and most natives will try their hand at all sort of clothes or hairstyles.

The Mercury Pluto opposition debuting on the 22nd will serve you good in terms of clarifying your thoughts and in terms of moving you away from any superficial priorities.

Whether or not you may find yourself challenged by a work colleague, you will feel the need to sharpen your beliefs so may be inclined to return to studies of all sorts.

The most serious medical issues to plague you this June are likely to occur around the 25th and the advice is to seek for specialist help rather than try to treat yourself at home. Don’t’ let any fearmongering scare you from doing the right thing.


Enhance! You will need to abandon the big picture in favour of understanding the small details this June as this will not only bring you accomplishments in work but also a surprising peace of mind.

Work may take you place during the last week of June, although you may initially have to spend some time in the office to thoroughly prepare.

The Full Moon on the 28th may bring some contradictory thoughts in your mind as you struggle to cope with being away from family but also feel inhibited and frustrated by the thought of giving up these professional opportunities.

You must accept that you are human, therefore both perfect and imperfect and through difficult times like this, you must at least yourself, stand by your decisions and keep a cool head.

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