Gemini June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Geminis will finally benefit from the long-awaited positive energy in terms of career that they have been requesting for a while now.

Obstacles are easy to overcome, so in June, it's worth investing time and energy in work. Behind the hard work and the diligence is a lot of success waiting. It's enough to be persistent, and soon you'll get the opportunity to get what you wanted.

There might be some problems on the way you choose to go, but nothing that cannot be solved. In addition, you are opening opportunities that you have not thought of by interacting with the right kind of people and by listening to your intuition.

Love life is also full of optimism. It's about feeling, passion and opportunity this month. Take action to get out of the safe comfort zone a little. Go with the wave. Quit a little bit of accountability and enjoy life.

Ask how free you may be to succeed in your life and career. You may feel that there are new talents or abilities to learn to bring in what you already do.

Plant some of these seeds now. The Sun will oppose Pluto in the house of relations around the middle of the month so this moment is great for self-discovery and clarity in actions.

Trust in your perceptions and even focus on inspiring others ... they will really appreciate you!

June highlights

The word of advice for you is to start the month with a good tonus and the ability to cope with all the challenges. Because it seems like the stars will follow your lead, as long as you are showing yourself confident and resilient.

Listen to your intuition during the first week of the month because it is only this that will take you to the best results, especially professionally and financially.

Around the middle of the month, you have the best chances in charming a new person, especially romantically.

Some opportunities for rounding up the budget and / or capitalizing on savings may appear, but take great care afterwards on what you decide to spend your money on.

You are more courageous to speak about the practical issues in your life and this will even help you, around the 18th, to open up to your family.

During or around the 23rd, some tensions may arise between you and your beloved, associate or client. It might come to light, sometime in the day of 24, that the unequal ratio of forces between you could have been the problem.

Towards the end of the month, you tend to isolate yourself a bit and will prefer to focus on developing your personal skills. This is a great time for studying or even taking an exam.

There is no need this June to get involved in any power struggles, no matter how exciting the whole situation might seem. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone so should not feel any pressures in this regard.

Gemini love horoscope for June 2019

Venus, the celebrity planet that governs the house of love, love affairs and entertainment, will enter your sign on the 9th so this is one event you should look forward to.

It would say that with its influence, you become more lovable, attract the attention of the opposite sex, exude charm, intelligence and cheerfulness.

But avoid making a spectacle of yourself by being too loud or obnoxious. The single natives will have the hardest time toning down their impulses and will also be the last to apologize for anything they do.

Geminis in a relationship will need to be very mindful of their partner’s needs and might even find that their partner is struggling to have their voice heard. They should not dismiss any issues brought to them, no matter how small and insignificant those might seem.

For some of the Geminis, June 2019 could mean shattering illusions about marriage or the intention to marry, or perhaps even relate to the couple taking a break.

The Full Moon occurring on the 17th, activates the relational axis of the Gemini, and could mark a turning point, a crisis, a moment requiring a decision that should have been taken for a long time.

Towards the end of the month, you don’t seem to get a moment to breath either and some suspicions and jealousy might arise, even allegations of some mistakes that have occurred ages ago.

Don’t play any cards or be manipulative, truth and fairness should be your only go to.

Career progress this month

Professionally, this month the sign of the Twins should shine, captivate others in social life, come across business opportunities, but even have to make major adjustments on a professional level.

Count on a friend of yours at the start of the month, because it will give you the happiest moments, and you will be able to accomplish some of the goals you have this year, important for the future of your social image.

Financially, many depend on you and the talent you show, to manage your personal income and resources.

Up until the 27th, Mercury, the governor of the Gemini, will transit your second house, that of finances. It seems that Mars and the Sun will join this sector too around the 21st, so you are certainly benefiting from a good disposition here.

Therefore, you are more focused than ever to improve your financial situation and have a great chance of succeeding. However, it would be a good idea to give priority to paying some debts, credits, or obligations, otherwise you might wake up with bailiffs at the door.

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