Gemini June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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With the onset of June, Gemini people may feel a strong inner uneasiness. Maybe you just gone through quite a dramatic change in your professional or personal life. You may feel like you have been thrown in troubled waters and you don’t know how to swim but perhaps you could just focus on floating for a while.

Take the time to be by yourself, focus on acceptance and on discovering hidden aspects of your personality, rather than just on ways to get back in the game. Taking this time is sort of the best gift you can offer yourself this month.

Until you get back on your feet, try doing, for example, yogic breathing exercises or various meditation techniques. June may seem like a period of personal disaster, but you will soon realize that it was rather the opposite.

June 2020 highlights

Geminis will eventually have the long-awaited positive energy in terms of career. Obstacles are easy to overcome, so in June, it is worth investing time and energy in work. Behind hard work and diligence lies a success. It is enough to be persistent and soon the opportunity will come to get what you wanted.

By the end of the month, you should consider and take full advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. And in terms of love, the chance is on your side this month.

The routine will be part of your life this month, but it will be a pleasant one, which will increase your activity and therefore the results.

Advice for key dates in June:

Around the 4th: Avoid fuelling contradictory discussions and remain as diplomatic as possible.

Around the 10th: Your personal charm will help you get into the graces of an important person.

Around the 14th: Time to supplement your knowledge through some reading.

Around the 21st: You capitalize on an achievement of your partner but try not to exaggerate.

Around the 30th: Financial opportunities or professional collaborations may arise.

Gemini love horoscope for June

The lunar eclipse occurring on the 5th of June will be activating your seventh house, that of relationships and partnerships. This could translate into an important moment in your marriage, when the solidity of your love affair, your sense of responsibility and your ability to make long-term commitments are tested.

Past debt can also be a reason for upset and discomfort in the couple. You are certainly good with words, but now you have to speak the facts.

It is time to try a renegotiation of the rules according to which your marriage works and to have deeper discussions with your partner, dialogues that facilitate a rekindling of romance.

There are three retrogrades to keep an eye on, that of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury – which will all contribute, in their own specific way, to a June in which you may find it harder to express yourself or simply not really know what you want.

Relationships can go through weirder moments, so be patient and you give yourself time to think and re-evaluate.

Last month's trend remains valid, of living in the past and dreaming of romantic stories from another time or of people who fascinated you, but with whom you did not necessarily manage to connect.

If you are single, you are more likely to return to a former love than to meet a new person. The good news is that you do not lack the power of seduction and you manage quite easily to attract the interest of possible partners, but a relationship could be difficult to materialize.

Career and finances

Professionally, you are driven by high ideals and you are willing to get involved in complex projects, to collaborate with others or to carry the flag of causes you believe in. But beware of the high expectations you my have towards others.

This June you appear to manage to better organize your time, so that you take care of all the things you have in mind. In addition, you make some important savings that will help you in the future. Opportunities also arise professionally so try not to let them pass.

Despite all of your enthusiasm, you kind of lack the practical dimension and the necessary resources to realize what it is that you dream so hard of.

June 2020 is unfortunately marked by an important array of retrograde planets which suggests that some professional projects could stagnate due to lack of funds and due to the economic recession or problems caused by the current worldwide crisis.

This is not the time to just focus on the future but rather you must be conscientious about what is happening in the present. Beware of taking risks just for the sake of an unlikely result and of poor coordination and inefficient use of your resources.

The two eclipses occurring on the 5th and 21st could have some financial impact on your life. Therefore, you may go through some more tense moments when it comes to money, but their role is to help you change your perspective and strategy, to confidently look for new ways to earn.

Your wellbeing this month

In June, you must learn to pick your battles and sometimes remove yourself from toxic situations and be the mature one, even if, perhaps you are right in your actions.

With so many retrograde planets (including Mercury, your sign’s governing planet) there is no wonder why you may feel so much agitation around you and perhaps even feel like you are being overworked.

If you suffer from a chronic disease or are recovering from an acute episode, bear in mind that healing is slow, but don’t worry because the situation is evolving for the better.

It is time to rest more, to reflect on your life and your deepest emotions, on what defines you as a person, on your values, on what you consider to be truly important in your life.

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