Gemini March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 3112 views

It’s not going to be like a battlefield but you might need to dodge an emotional bullet or two this March as it seems Saturn and Mars are set to challenge you a bit and make things interesting, in their opinion at least.

What I would suggest though is to mind your own business and try not to bring any reasons of jealousy or open conflict in your relationship.

I address myself now especially to those who are in a consolidated couple because it is your responsibility to know by now the areas that are most sensible in your relationship. 

Getting your hopes high

Let’s say that those who are new to the game might get their circumstances but they are not excused from being careful and considerate either.

Overall, when it comes to interacting with your partners or people you fancy, I wouldn’t want to be in your skin this month. No matter what you are trying, things seem to go the opposite way and honesty and playing with all the cards on the table is not going to work either.

Around the 6th you will also encounter some health problems that are going to make you even more vulnerable or at least a bit more selfish so you won’t really be in the mood to focus on anything else.

To conclude this perilous love area of your life, I will also bring you some good news as it seems a more complex or demanding activity might bring you two together and strengthen things despite whatever else is going on. You know how it’s better to have a common enemy.

Evaluate yourself

On short term I would tell you that around the 15th you are going to receive some sort of recognition of an activity you’ve been doing at work, whether you really put an effort to it or not. Interesting that the less you cared about it and the more by chance the success was, the more you will care about this.

You tend to be quite modest about your work at this time and don’t really know how to appreciate it yourself. Another event might also get you out of the house for a bit of networking.

I bet this might also make you feel different about the people you are spending your free time with and make you promise a thing or two.

However, don’t let yourself fooled by some appearances, remember what you have home and how you are while trying to look behind everyone else’s masks.

Some changes ahead

Mars is not going to let you have your way in the work sphere either and might get a thing or two on the way, if you’re working with others in a confined space, be sure you won’t have too much room for focus.

For some, partnerships might dissolve, maybe all of a sudden and they might find themselves in need to sort some financial issues as an urgent matter. Not pleasant at all I can tell you, but it is part of the challenge and who knows how it will grow you.

In the second half of the month you seem to be in a good shape and hopefully you will continue this trajectory.

Due to that, most males are going to be all of a sudden attracted to sports and doing all kinds of activities but a bit of warning here: be careful with excesses and doing things all of a sudden as a risk of accidents looms.

Questionable interactions

Some friendships might end up in some questionable areas, maybe not because of you or your friends but more like because of some sort of conjuncture which will reveal some hidden thoughts.

And of course no one likes to have intimate thoughts out in the open and some awkwardness might ensue.

Other natives for instance might have another problem: not getting what they want simply because they are not courageous enough to ask for it. I can’t tell you this is a month of all possibilities but if you don’t try, you can’t blame anyone but you.

So feel free to dream big, ask questions and put ideas forward. If something sticks than good for you, but if it doesn’t, don’t get all emotional and disappointed. Remember you started from scratch with this so you got nothing to lose.

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