Gemini March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 3833 views

You have a lot more to win from working with others than you can imagine this March and although this might come as a surprise, given your buoyant demeanor, it seems that your tendencies are going to be quite individualistic.

This may be happening because Mars is pushing you towards competition and towards accessing the top in whatever you are doing. But you can be a nice person while you make your way out there too. Sure, it will require extra effort and sometimes won’t mean the shortest way there, but again, surrounding yourself with all sorts of people, is going to pay off.

Also, being on the lookout for any learning opportunities is a good point. It may be that you are completely averse to going back to school or things like that so there is no need to take things to such an official level. Learning can be something you do online, in your own time and with your own research. Don’t formalize things.

Be wise with work

Around the 7th, you will have to travel or at least run some errands in different places and this will probably seem like forever. Take a friend with you or someone in the family and this might be made more bearable.

Stay away from long lists and all sorts of expectations. They may keep you fit for work but in case something unexpected happens, as is usually the case, you usually find it very hard to adapt.

Investments and thinking about the far future are again, something you shouldn’t really be concerned with. You can think about it but try not to act upon any ideas. If something sounds too good to be true, then probably isn’t.

Communication and more

There is a lot of understanding and not much need of communication with your partner this March but this doesn’t mean that you can stop caring. It is the little gestures that are going to count, no matter how much this sounds like a cliche.

Some things are going to go as they always do while others will need a bit of intervention from you. Don’t be afraid to say if something bothers you but at the same time, don’t expect the other person to deal with it, especially if it is not something they do on purpose.

Beware of conflict with friends or acquaintances. There may be some themes you are disagreeing on and this is something that blinds both sides and, in some cases, doesn’t let you work together. No one will function as a referee in those situations so don’t expect that.

A different pace

Around the 18th, you might feel as if everything is moving in slow motion and although in some aspects, this might actually be the case, there are high chances you are also perceiving things like this because you have set your own, very high expectations.

There may be that you are doing something and you are just at the start of it and are trying to push through it as much as possible.

It is not like you are the only person who is interested, it’s just that you may be having a different work rhythm than the others.

Matters of dreams and high achievements are going to come in play, as you try to motivate yourself. There is a lot of relief in not looking at something and sometimes, it is best to just take things step by step.

The dust is settling

No matter how stressed you might have been for the majority of the month, you still can’t seem to find any relief and prefer to keep going like this.

Luckily for you and your battered mind, things seem to be cooling down in the last week of March and therefore, if it is something that will battle, then it is going to be boredom and slow days.

Perhaps this is a great chance for you to switch focus towards your home and what you can achieve there. You may not be the most practical, and definitely there will be some clumsy moments, but overall, you might provide a great helping hand, at exactly the right time.

Some natives might use this as an opportunity to come back to their roots and might visit family who lives in another city or even another country.

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