Gemini March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 2997 views

Dear Gemini, there hasn’t been a month as complete and full of everything as this March in quite a while. Whether or not you’ve ordered the full menu, this is what you are getting. And lucky you, the succession in which this is occurring can only be praised.

The first half of the month is all about courage and all sort of initiatives because what you do will be under the influence of Mars trine Uranus. If you’ve recently felt demotivated and you simply couldn’t think of a way to move past this, then you are sorted.

Whether you are harvesting the energy and creativity of those around or you are coming up with new ideas yourself, there are great chances for things to start moving.

With Mercury retrograde towards the end of the month, you may want to be careful as to what decision you are taking and definitely do not rush into any choices you haven’t really had a chance to think through.

Easy love

The first few days of March will be under Mars’ movement through your seventh house, that of relationships. This means that you will find it easier to keep passion alive and will be actively involved in both the emotional and practical aspects of your relationship.

In some cases, your energy and proactiveness are going to be so surprising that may be met with a bit of reluctance. Don’t get annoyed or offended by this and simply persist in your behavior. Soon, everyone will realize that you are genuine about your intentions.

The advice would be to share any occasion for fun with your partner and to avoid preferring your friends, even in circumstances where you would normally pick them first.

The weak side of things

Your mental activity and the directions in which your subconscious is headed are somewhat marked by Jupiter retrograde motion. You may be drawn towards internal conversations and doubting yourself but will also be more open to learning and developing yourself, whether you take charge of this or resort to a training or counselling service.

Challenges posed to the way you formulate your ideas and how you communicate them will occur after the 11th when Mercury squares Saturn in Capricorn. You will tend to show the worst in yourself, perhaps too much attention to unimportant details and narrowmindedness when it mostly matters.

Some natives will try to build on structures that are already weakened, perhaps by counting on people whom have already disappointed them in the past. Negative thinking may also come into play, because deep inside, you understand your failings.

The good news is that you are benefiting from amazing support but you really need to speak out to get it. Family is there for you but they also have their own lives to be dealing with so unless you capture their attention, they won’t jump to the rescue by default.

All about business

With Mercury conjunct Venus, you must be warned that rapid business exchanges will be the norm. Venus is all about beauty and feminine energy but don’t forget it rules money as well and will likely not let you into any shortfalls.

This is not to say that every endeavor of yours will be successful, especially if you are planning on taking some obvious risks. But surely, you are starting from a higher point than your competition.

Those who are mixing business with arts and crafts may find themselves very popular with investors, all of a sudden. You may want to be careful not to lose your calling and become too commercial, during such a business oriented time.

And to let you in on a secret, honesty won’t be very much appreciated these days so you may want to remain diplomatic and less direct than usual.

Smooth transition

The end of March appears to be marked by Venus’ movement thus we are sliding from some tense and direct encounters that can make or break relationships within the Venus square Pluto aspect, to calmer times and indulging, when Venus steps into the sign of Taurus.

We must give you the benefit of the doubt because there are great chances that you will be navigating this smoothly, perhaps better than expected. You will know exactly when you need to work your charisma and will definitely not let yourself influenced by any negative energies.

There may be some melancholia thrown in the mix, but only because you are introspective and will tend to ponder on how far you’ve become.

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