Gemini March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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In March Geminis are going to be more introverted, they won’t want to show their feelings and affection easily.

Twins are full of life, however, and have an overwhelming energy. They manage to combine useful with pleasure, which brings them many satisfactions.

During the second half of the month there will be a series of minor conflicts within the family.

All you have to do to get rid of tension is to give up the pride, listen more and say what you want without waiting for others to read your thoughts.

On the other hand, take important steps in the professional sector and work more efficiently to certain objectives.

The strong feelings you have for your partner make you spend more time at home with him or her. If you have a long-term relationship, things are still going as well as possible, but if you are alone, things will not change too soon. If you wish to set up a relationship this month, friendships are favorable.

March highlights

At the start of the month some tensions may arise between you and some friends, but you will otherwise enjoy a favorable period. From the 5th onward, there may be more friction at work and you will even take the discussions at home.

You will make a bit of a return with some great results towards the middle of the month and this will make you feel more confident in your own skin but also restore your respect in the workplace.

You are all the more motivated as the career seems to interfere between you and your partner. In the course of or around 20, it shows again that you are more agile than you thought, by making things balance in your professional and personal life.

During the last week of March you will benefit from plenty of energy and should make sure that you tidy up some things that were left outstanding in your life.

Gemini love horoscope for March

The sentimental life of Gemini seems to be in the shadow of the professional one this March. And this might translate in a number of reproaches about this from a loved one, especially around the middle of the month.

This might also prompt us to believe that a lot of your behavior will be tolerated during the first half of the month and you are likely to be able to get away with certain actions. Be careful though because you most certainly don’t want to trade in your peaceful couple life for some momentarily fun.

Venus, the planet totally in charge with your loved life this month will prompt you to inform yourself, to show your abilities and to be open to learning new things.

There will be several opportunities, especially during the second part of the month to open yourself to new horizons in the love plan.

Some may try some spiritual activities that could give them a better sense of how they perceive love and of the kind of lover that they are.

Some of the single Gemini may have a moment or two of sheer panic and may end up dating people who are totally inappropriate for them. But hey, this will all be put down to experience in the future and there isn’t much harm attached to it anyways.

Career progress this month

Since the beginning of March, the situation at work may take an unexpected turn, which forces you to review your attitude to work and colleagues.

You have to come back to the details of your tasks and try to integrate them into an overview.

Your accountability and efficiency stand out and help you enter the superiors' graces but be mindful because Mercury retrograde between the 5th and the 28th will not let you come across as you would like to, on some occasions.

However, in the third week of the month, the wind of change is beginning to be in your favor, especially if you manage to eradicate the wrong opinions about you and create alliances with those close to you.

Towards the end of the month, with Venus’ activity, you will be keener to invest money and to spend it on things that can help you advance. Some may even invest in themselves and sign up for some classes or similar.

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