Gemini March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Natives of the Gemini sign are not going to allow the setbacks from last year to keep on holding them back from both a professional and personal point of view, so they will question what keeps them slowing down and not feel self-restrained are always scared of any danger that may appear.

However, they will still be prevented from evolving in their relationships and workplace. After all the struggle, they will manage to present themselves authentically and to communicate in an efficient manner, even if they may come across some conflicts that will have them feeling as if they can’t overcome the difficulty they’re in, difficulties that are only sensations and not realities for them.

March 2021 Highlights

While they will receive many travel propositions and be pushed to start new projects in March, so that their career can grow, Geminis shouldn’t rush to accept new job offers.

They should ask for advice from their closest friends when having to make decisions that are this important, and by any means, not rush.

Furthermore, instead of just accepting to face new challenges, they should close the old projects and negotiations they were working, as this will bring them prosperity.

The money planet is on their side and close, so they should put in practice the plans they have for financial growth. March will be a month in which they will have a great time with their friends and partner.

The stars will influence them to feel fulfilled no matter what, but if they want their love life, career and social connections to improve, they need to be flexible, especially when having to make decisions about these aspects of life.

The stars will be by their side and encourage the growth of love. In couple conflicts, these natives will have to give in if they want their romance to be strengthened.

It will be easy for them to reconciliate with their partner, but only for as long as they’re making concessions.

Gemini Love Horoscope for March

Starting the 4th, planet Mars is going to increase your desires, getting your sensual energy to be at its peak in your constellation. The 22nd brings Venus by your side, putting an accent on your passion until the month’s end.

Starting with the 1st and until the 21st, you’re feeling rather uncomfortable with your sentimental environment because you are cold or too focused on your career.

In case you form a complicity with your partner until the 15th and thanks to Mercury, the Mars is going to give you a fiery libido and the ability to be in a long-run relationship, not to mention that starting with the 22nd, Venus is going to have you more eager to be in a couple.

With Mars’s force driving you the entire month, you will always be ready for an emotional encounter. The stars will help you in this direction after the 21st more than ever, so if you’re friendly, you’re going to facilitate turning a friend into a lover.

Venus will ensure you’re devastatingly charming too. There are 2 periods in the month for you. The celestial energy is going to favor your sign more starting with the 20th.

Gemini will welcome Saturn and Jupiter making them feel more harmoniously connected and patient, something that will have things ready for them.

Career and Finances Horoscope

The most advantaged aspect of the month is the professional and work one. You will face no problems here. Success will come and you will have many things to do.

Being a true professional, your income is going to increase. There’s the chance for you to start approaching your profession in a different manner, as for March’s last week, you will be given more opportunities of taking action and making a lot of money.

In the meantime, take note that there are some things you’re not good at, so decide to just leave them.

What you will want is to get noticed in the workplace and to not invest energy in love, which is not at all a good thing. Take your time to take care of your relationship too, and don’t forget to follow your heart.

Your Wellbeing This Month

All Geminis should go to the doctor for a complete check-up. Those of them who are a nit overweight should be firm about slimming down.

The best way for them to start March is to follow a detoxifying diet in which they’re no longer smoking, drinking alcohol or eating sweets.

It’s important they’re prepared for as long as Uranus is in Aquarius, for the months of April and May, to be guided towards trying new alternative medicine treatments.

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