Gemini May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 2895 views

You are going to be somewhat of an ambassador of other people’s feelings this month and occupying this informal position might help you come to grips with matters related to your own emotions or with matters from your own past. It is not going to be necessarily the most revealing May but there will be enough to keep you thinking, not to mention work, that will probably put another productive strain on you.

Reserve some time for practical activities as well, but necessarily around the house not far away from it. Some natives might engage themselves in some remodeling, others baby proofing while the simplest of them will just do a deep cleaning to really change the air around.

Some new planning system

The first week of the month will let you be, thus plan your activities careful and make sure you cover many different things, especially those that can be postponed for later, because you won’t have time when to postpone them in the following weeks.

Financially speaking you are doing great the first half of the month, hence this idea of investing in your lifestyle, especially in your home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do something about your own image either, with ideas including going for a hair cut to purchasing a whole new wardrobe.

You might receive the usual odd eye and raised eyebrows, even from people whose opinions you care about but it seems that this period is your occasion to be selfish so just play with it.

What to do with others

Around the 10th, some family decisions will start knocking on your door, some natives having the ingrate tasks to deal with other’s problems while some other natives will have to master solutions to their own personal situations.

In any case, stress levels will amount proportionally with any deadlines or serious consequences related to them. If there are activities of this kind you can start now and leave for later, don’t forget to start them and just put things in movement as you will thank yourself for this later.

The good news is that the days closer to the 15th offer some family bonding occasions for you and those dear to you so in case there have been some strain put on your relationship while you had to deal with those serious activities, you have the chance to unwind and start over.

Complex love matters

The middle of the month will see some exciting things rolling out, most of them in connection to your love life, others making you reconsider your own feelings.

Mercury opposing Saturn won’t really promote any kindness at home, so don’t expect any sweet behavior from your loved one. This doesn’t mean however that you are allowed to behave like two strangers and just go on and about with your individual plans. You are good on your own, but you are even better when you have someone standing beside you.

Don’t put too many hopes in projects that are not yet approved, no matter how much you invested in them because you might remain disappointed and emotional and this surely won’t be a color to suit you in the office.

Some things can be simplified and there is no need to go through the tedious path but it is up to you to realize it. Perhaps someone you are closer to in the office might offer you a prompt or two about this but in any case, you are mostly on your own to balance the workload.

Out with the comfort zone

Towards the end of the month you should be more preoccupied than you are about your image and how you are perceive by others because out of too much work to do or simply laziness to focus on these aspects, you will tend to be quite sloppy and risk not creating the right image.

You are allowed to be comfortable with yourself but just don’t become too comfortable. You may not be getting as much rest as you’d like to but that is no excuse because you are controlling most of your activities.

Plan your days better and get that rest. You are deciding to skip on useful sleep hours to tend to entertaining endeavors that only offer instant gratification.

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