Gemini May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3639 views

You are going to be in great shape this May and the more enthusiasm you bottle up, the more people you are going to try and gather around you. This is going to be a very social month and the moment things don’t go as planned, you are going to be very upset.

You are still moody about a lot of things that are happening but with the help of some good friends, you seem to be controlling that to an extent. Your intuition will take you places, especially at work. Too bad that you are not going to have the opening to pursue it more often.

And speaking about being open to things, your comfort zone seems to be shrinking this month and you are not really going to lift a finger more than what you have to do. So family members can already say goodbye to any hope of you dealing with house chores.

A lot of inspiration

The first week is going to put you under the microscope in regard to some past behavior or some money you have spent on something you weren’t really supposed to buy. You will have to come up with some very good explanations in order to avoid further conflict.

Along the way, you might also discover, totally random, the answer to a work problem that has been bugging you for a while. This is not to say that you are going to be too excited about the discovery, especially because that means extra work that you will have to put in.

Some natives are going to delegate this to others and this will make them extremely happy and pleased with themselves, come the following week. What they should understand however, is the fact that they still need to control what those people are doing.

Some roadblocks

Financial opportunities are going to be blocked around the 16th, perhaps by a situation that occurs in your love life. You won’t be able to make your own decisions and maybe an unexpected expense is going to throw you off a little.

This doesn’t mean that you are in any way de-motivated. No, you just continue as if nothing has happened, an attitude which will probably make those around raise some eyebrows.

But this is actually normal as you seem to be a lot calmer than usual at the middle of May. You take things lighter and definitely not personal. You may still believe in setbacks, but at least you try to give them a positive meaning.

Craving change

Mercury is pushing you towards radical changes but you are more living those in your mind rather than put them in practice. Some natives are going to make further acquisitions and pretend that this is part of something bigger.

Perhaps this is just your tendency to follow frequent change. Someone older in the family is going to point this out to you and might make you have a thought about it. But the whole meditative process won’t last very long as around the 20th, there are some parties or social gathering that you have to attend and your attention is 100% focused on that.

An encounter with someone you have worked with in the past is going to put a smile on your face and maybe you are going to see them again in the near future. You are going to be very proud for having spoken with those people.

For single natives, this might also come with an opportunity to meet someone new, perhaps through the friend of a friend.

Ups and downs

Success is guaranteed in a negotiation matter and although you might not feel as if you got out from that with all that you have bargained for, you are in a better position.

This is going to be a steep learning curve for a lot of natives who are not doing this frequently and might also carry a consistent financial reward.

Something you learn during your free time is going to help an acquaintance from the office so don’t avoid any informal discussions in the break room. Don’t worry, you won’t have to be involved and you won’t be held accountable for anything that will happen.

There is some sort of emotional tension developing in your life and you are going to feel a lot more of that during the following month.

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