Gemini May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This May calls for a better understanding of your emotions but it appears that this can only take place through you spending time surrounded by a lot of people. Social activity will reveal some hidden traits of yours whilst being on your own will simply make you feel stuck.

You are going to be relaxed even during situations that would call for you to worry or at least show some signs of stress. And whilst you may be at peace with yourself, your attitude will raise some eyebrows.

This month you will need to explain yourself more than you have done in the past two months combined but it will be worth it. You remain very goal oriented and will have the wits and patience to take the complex matters step by step.

Aspects of commerce and self-education are going to be favored, perhaps even in the detriment of aspects of your relationship. You may prove to be a little too stimulating for your partner.


Enhance: Well beyond satisfying results can be obtained this May through hard work during your office hours. You just need not allow yourself to get distracted. Completing work by deadlines will be a breeze.

Love temptations

The tense Venus square Neptune aspect occurring on the 7th will have you start this month along some existential questions and a doubt that you, yourself can keep up with the fragile balance of all the expectations in your life.

Some complications with financial matters are going to keep you busy and perhaps may require you to seek the support of a friend. It may be that this is when a favor of yours from the past will now be returned. Just be careful not to take more than you can actually afford.

Sentimental temptations will come into play from the 13th onwards and it will all become a fight of who can resist more and who can remain loyal till the end.


Watch out! Gossip will be your biggest enemy this May, no matter on which side you are positioning yourself. Your reputation is your risk if you don’t stay away from shameful behaviour.

Perhaps you will be feeling rather overwhelmed by all this attention and this will translate into your mind in a rather negative way.

You could potentially take advantage of the arrival of Uranus in your neighboring sign Taurus, on the 15th, an aspect that pushes towards revolutionizing all the relationships in your life.

Collective effort will work wonders during this time, although the first few phases of an endeavors are going to be rather difficult, as each one is just getting used to working with everyone else. Some authority struggles may also be part of the underlying narrative.


TOP TIP of the month: Venus is moving between your sign and the neighbouring one, Cancer on the 19th. Your romantic impulses will migrate from being entertainment seeking to more profound, emotional ones.

A balancing game

Jupiter will form a trine with Neptune around the 18th, and as Jupiter is governing your partnerships, you will be more open to entering a long-time relationship or to finally proposing.

This aspect favors mutual understanding, common plans and working alongside to achieve difficult goals.

Your health may pose a risk or two between the 23rd and the 25th, perhaps as a gentle reminder that you are not actually invincible.

On the bright side, your morale is on high so no humanly worries will actually manage to touch you.


Astrological aspect of the month: On the 21st, the Sun arrives in your sign, improving your vitality and energy. All of a sudden, you may start feeling that your plans actually have chances of success.

The Venus Saturn opposition debuting on the 25th may have you wonder about the fragile balance between the expectations others have of you at work and how you are taken as all fresh when you arrive home.

You will not be able to understand how others are doing it and will feel rather lonely and isolated because of this.

During the last week of the month you will get into all sort of scenarios and calculations, all driven by your desire to move away from your current position.

You are craving change, whether through money, through an advance in your work place or dramatic change in your personal life. The word of caution is to avoid gambling or any other risks. Also, don’t count on the income of your partner for anything.

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