Gemini May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Do expect a turn of events at 180 degrees this May. The stars will finally be in your favor when it comes to love. Long-term relationships, which have faced some minor problems and suffered a decline in the past weeks, will now come back to life and prosper again.

The connection between you and someone very close to you will be very strong now. The single Gemini could meet their soul mate. They just need to get out of the house and do something new.

Venus, the planet of love, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be in your sign for much of this month.

Although it's generally a good month for you, you have to take care of the shadow enemies who may not enjoy your success. Be as conservative as possible!

It's a lucky month for you in terms of financial standing. You could win more than you think, and in your professional life you may find opportunities that you absolutely need to take advantage of.

May highlights

You should dedicate the first couple of days of May to endeavours that have to do with bringing people together and working in a group because it seems that this is exactly from where most benefits will arise this day.

There may also be some tensions with an associate but you will be able to move past these with ease, especially if there is just an innocent misunderstanding at their source.

Around the 8th of the month some natives might receive some important piece of information from abroad. This might also strengthen their position at home and help them consolidate their own plans.

Be careful though, because this might also mean the return of someone from the past, a return that will come with its own kind of special complications.

From the 15th onwards, Venus starts to transit one of the signs it rules, Taurus, bringing with it even more financial opportunities, this time on your side, compared to other people.

At a sentimental level, there is a good time to invest in the foundation of a new relationship and to make a greater contribution of feelings in this regard.

For this to happen, it is important for both sides to have a lot of confidence and the certainty that they can build lastingly with those with whom they have a relationship.

In or around 18th, something can come between you and someone close from the family and there may be some conflict brewing because of this.

From the 21st onwards, your communication and socialization skills are becoming more visible and you will surely know how to take advantage of them. This is due to Mercury entering your sign. You will show a lot of flexibility in thinking and will be able to adapt your speech to your audience, for the best persuasive effects.

In the course of or around the 29th be careful at any business endeavours your get yourself involved with and don’t let yourself carried away by anything, no matter how sweet the deal might seem.

Gemini love horoscope for May

Animated by Mars, who is also going to be in your sign until the 16th, you are full of initiative, even hungry and insistent that things happen the way you want them to.

You are charming and persuasive, so it’s impossible for the opposite sex not to notice you. During the first week of May you will most certainly make the best impression.

However, it’s not all milk and honey because your verbal vehemence may create the impression that you are not listening to anything else that others tell you.

That's why the person you're trying to conquer might feel the need to take a step back, not toward you.

Also, make sure that you playing the conqueror and the need to flirt left and right can give others the feeling that you are very superficial and uninterested in a stable relationship.

If you are already part of a couple, whether formal or not, it takes a lot of tact, openness and patience to make yourself understood, but also to understand what your couple wants.

If you do not look receptive to the couple’s and your partner’s needs, your attempts to force your will could result in quarrels, tensions and reproaches.

If you wish to start a new relationship, you might want to wait for the second half of the month to make this happen. You are quite idealistic and prone to promising things you will not be able to deliver on.

An amorous relationship can be born suddenly, unexpectedly, after the 17th, maybe just when you decide to take a break and actually don’t think about meeting or becoming serious with anyone.

Career progress this month

Gemini have a complex personality with many facets and the world does not really know you entirely. You may be surprised by this month even by close people and their reaction to what you do.

You are full of ideas, creative and inspired. However, make sure you listen to your intuition as you act and try to ignore the gossip or judgment of those around.

Around the 14th you may be able to sign some documents that are very important to you or conclude a negotiation that has been giving you a headache for a while now.

At the moment, you are protected from any unexpected professional situations and will enjoy a rather peaceful time. But be careful to plan ahead and prepare whatever you need to prepare now because the next month might not be as indulgent with you.

Towards the end of the month, if you are not careful enough about budgeting, you may encounter some difficulties in paying out loans, liabilities, or anything else that could arise.

You may also face some pressures from the family to change the way you spend your money, planning it and focusing very seriously on other medium and long-term income sources.

You should avoid the temptation to take another loan or to postpone any purchases that you don’t really need. Better pay less, but steadily, than postpone payments.

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