Gemini November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2544 views

Important developments to happen in several areas of life! The hard aspects several planets are forming on mutable signs during November and especially in its last week involve cardinal houses in your case. That means the Gemini November 2015 monthly horoscope announces developments of really high importance in your most relevant areas of life: family, partnerships, career and, at the end of the day, your personality. 

Family timings

Until November 12, Jupiter helped/supported by Mars in Virgo will most likely bring a little bit of aggressiveness, especially in terms of imposing rules at home or in family relationships. Or maybe the efforts of your close ones, which are intended to make things work at home – through clear duties and schedules – seem too aggressive to you. I don’t know, it might be your difficulty in sticking to schedules that creates this subjective feeling of being aggressed? Don’t throw stones yet as I’m just saying…

But at the same time it would be helpful for you to clarify this at once as the astrological context doesn’t allow you to escape ordinary family-related responsibilities. Especially with excuses that you usually appeal to whenever you’re feeling constrained. Socio-professional life is not an excuse anymore. In fact, difficulties might appear there too, and their causes or triggers might be linked to some macro-level developments.

Confusion is just the way towards clarification

So, it won’t surprise me if many Gemini natives will find this month a confusing time when career changes come at the same time with relationships issues, as well as with demanding family-related circumstances.

But no matter how disturbing November’s events will appear to you, there’s no need to panic or to avoid facing the truth. The circumstances brought to you by the mutable signs aspects are meant to push you in order to reconsider things, attitudes, partners that maybe (you should really consider this!) are not supporting your long term interests. The most important time for you in this regard will be in the last decade of the month.

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