Gemini November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 3448 views

It seems that this November will properly challenge your creativity and not only you will feel as if you are at an advantage compared to those around, you will actually be able to use that for things you want to do in the future.

You are surrounded by important people and seem to be very focused on what you want to achieve. Be nice to those you come in contact with because chances are you will meet them again.

Be prepared for some guests us well, either that you need to have them in your house or that something similar happens at work with a foreign delegation or something.

It will all be a welcomed change of scenery although you don’t necessarily view it like this at the moment. And speaking of changes, something you might have planned to do at home is finally about to happen and you will just need to arrange the last few details.

Argue well

The first week will be one for you to define your goals and expectations, not only at work but also in your love life. Some natives might actually go through some kind of ultimatum from the ones they love, perhaps in regard to changing something in their behavior.

There may be some explanations you will have to give, this if you want to continue doing some things or if you feel you are actually in the wrong.

But be warned that you will have to be very eloquent, or else you will be just labeled as stubborn and lacking any consideration. You will be quite emotional during this period so no wonder you will get into these sensible situations.

What you need is a bit of comfort and perhaps going out with your friends could offer this to you. Could be the right time to rekindle a hobby but try to be wary of exercise because if you exaggerate with physical activity, you might have to bear through the consequences as well.

Comfortable times

The second half of the month seems to debut in quite a peaceful setting at work and although you have a lot on your mind, you are in great mood as well and seem to tackle everything with confidence.

This coupled with the fact that you are also happy with the results you are obtaining can only be of benefit for everyone. It is important though to avoid starting anything you don’t know all you need to know about because surprises may come.

And it’s not like they would be a great break from all the peace and quiet but perhaps it is best to linger just a bit longer in this. Some natives will have to travel, work related, around the 18th.

Changes in the house

We are talking about expansion and change around the 20th, most likely in your personal life and most likely pertaining to home activities. You may have been searching for comfort or just to make a change and that moment has finally arrived.

This occasion may require you to interact with all sorts of people, perhaps builders and such and you will need a lot of patience. But of course everything will be worth it. Just make sure you don’t start too many projects at the same time or else you might not be able to see them all to completion in due time.

Expansion ideas can continue at work as well but it seems that the best you can accomplish is going to come by mean of cooperation and working with others.

This can subject you to quite a bit of pressure, but again, you need to look for something higher and just keep focused on your goals. It is not the place, nor your job, to educate those around you so pick your battles wisely.

Do something for yourself

You seem to be projecting some past wishes on those close to you, perhaps because of Mars, as the month approaches its end and to some extend you are becoming increasingly impatient.

Perhaps this is also because you feel like the moment you step in December, everyone will be concerned about the holidays and things will stop moving.

Don’t try to cram in as much work as possible because the only things you will manage to accomplish is to exhaust yourself and get on the nerves of everyone around.

Use the days after the 25th for your own good, perhaps some self-improvement, either by means of professional development or by resorting to meditation.

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