Gemini November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 6743 views

It seems that this month will be dominated by decisions you are going to make in your love life and in regards to your family life.

This is not to say that you are going on a break with work, you are still going to ensure you are on top of things but it seems that this time, you are more focused on what really makes your heart tick.

And talking about what moves you, it seems that a lot of generosity will become apparent, especially during the second half of the month.

This is probably half related to the fact that the holidays are approaching and half connected with the fact that you feel quite at peace with yourself and would like to share some of your good fortune.

Family based entertainment

Prepare for a first week of November that is full of entertaining activities as even chores at home may seem relaxing. You are happy to spend time with those dear to you and this is exactly the vibe you give out to everyone.

What is not to like out of all this? The fact that at times you may still be your usual tempestuous self and may risk breaking stuff or not doing what you should because you have hurried.

No need to panic though because with a simple apology and other nice words, you can move away from this.

In a nutshell, enjoy the harmony you have there. Beware of too much gossip though because you never know in who’s ears what you are disclosing now is going to end up.

How you decide to help

Beware of too much shopping as you will seem to get carried away, especially around the 14th. You need to properly discern between your needs and wants this month because your budget is not unlimited.

And remember what we discussed about in the beginning, that generosity of yours has more to do with the spiritual and advice side than it has to do with material stuff.

At first, you may find it easier to help others through buying them stuff but as you dig deeper in your resources, you will understand that this is not really what they are expecting of you.

Around the 18th, you may be able to use your connections to find someone a job or help them in a similar manner.

Being aware and responsible

During the second half of November, the stars are going to sign you up for a very interesting school of life. This has some full time, non-stop lessons, some of which are not going to seem easy at all.

It seems that there may be a moment in which you will lack discipline and may have to learn this the hard way, perhaps by being reprimanded at work, in front of several people.

When you don’t know something but you need to take responsibility for it, make sure you do your research first. Don’t do anything on the principle that everything will be just fine because it won’t be the case.

It seems that you will need to be careful especially with guarantees you give out to people in regards to something that will happen in the future.


The last week of November will be one of reminiscing and nostalgia as you seem to invest a lot of your energy in looking back. This coupled with your day dreaming habits will ensure that you are sort of distracted for the majority of the week.

The more you isolate yourself and the less you communicate with those around, the more you are going to feel on your own. No one says that it is not good to look back, but be careful how much time you use for this.

Around the 27th, your partner may need your support, at an emotional level, and you might not realize this because you are too absorbed into something that has happened ages ago.

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