Gemini November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Wouldn’t everyone wish to have a safety net in life and be able to take decisions after their heart’s whim and not worry about adverse consequences? Well, we can’t say that this is going to be the case for you entirely this November but you will be close to this point as it seems that you will be able to count a lot on your family’s support.

There are certain things that will be asked from you in return so be careful not to lose your head entirely. It may be that there will be favors for you to return or that you will not be able to showcase your frustration at the actions of certain people.

During the second half of the month you may find that exercise helps clear your mind and it also keeps you in a good mood and might include someone close in your routine as well.

There are chances for you to transform your daily quality of life through small choices and the word of advice for you is to be open to testing new ideas. An intense energy may also come from how rested you are feeling but rest can come through relaxation techniques, not only through sleep so keep this in mind.

This month could potentially be one of transformation, healing and improvement for you.

Be careful about promises

By far, one of the most spectacular astrological events occurring in your life this November is the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, your opposing sign, starting on the 9th.

This transit will tend to smooth out some rough edges in your relationships with your family and your loved one and might even help in work related collaborations.

Your popularity will soar, but this will also bring some newly founded worries and some distrust in your own capacities. It is important, especially during the second week of November, not to promise more than you are sure you can deliver.

Similarly, with the staycation of Venus in Libra throughout the month, you may want to be more romantic and charming than usual but try to avoid any sweet lies and promises.

You can be just as charming as your true self and if your crush is not buying it, then surely, you are not meant for each other.

With Venus’ position, you may find that you encounter more people flirting with you and sometimes, you will react to this with a bit of awkward shyness. Those who’ve been in a relationship for a long time will most certainly not be sure how to react to such temptations.

As Mars squares Jupiter on the 19th, you will benefit from extra energy and initiative that you are invited to pour into your domestic space. Whether you are changing something in your lifestyle or just dealing with chores you’ve been postponing, there will be a distinct sense of satisfaction about your work during this time.

Be careful, in case you wish to involve your close ones in your plans, not to appear in any way forceful because people will misinterpret it.

Listen to your intuition

It appears that at the middle of the month, with Mars’ entrance in your tenth house, you will need to be a lot bolder at work and to stand your point, no matter what others may be saying. It may be that you are going to end up in some sort of competition and whilst this may be daunting at first, it will end up as a great story to tell, once it’s over.

Some may accuse you of being a little too focused and individualistic but you shouldn’t allow such comments to get you off track, especially if you believe in your plan.

With Mercury in opposition in your sign throughout the month, you should find an easy explanation as to why you don’t seem to be on the same frequency with many people and you shouldn’t take this personally.

On November the 22nd, the Sun will enter Sagittarius and this movement might bring a little insecurity in your life and a need to take things slowly. Depending on each one’s character, the reactions to this will vary.

Some will listen to their intuition and take a bit of a break whilst others will remain very much focused on what they were doing but will then end up irritable and not understanding where their mood is coming from.

The Full Moon in your sign occurring on the 23rd will set you on the right foot financially and you may be off to do some good investments or to finally pay your debt.

This is also a Moon that will make you feel strong and sexy and the single natives might find that they are particularly attractive at this time.

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