Gemini November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-10-20, 5588 views

Dear Gemini, this November you have the chance of an open discussion with your partner, which can generate a new understanding between you. Do this before the middle of the month, to avoid the possibility of confusion in any kind of communication.

Regarding your workplace or your health and nutrition, you will have the opportunity, during the next couple of weeks, to improve these areas of your life.

The stars suggest that this is a great time for a new beginning. Maybe you will find a new job, or have a new attitude towards your health or diet. Whatever it is, the choice is yours.

The Gemini horoscope gives priority to a fiery but serious goal in work, to camaraderie, a true reciprocity both in love and in associations from other aspects of existence.

November highlights

In November, Geminis can rely on family support. Any problem can be overcome much easier if you do not carry this burden alone. Allow the people around you to help. During this period, you may also overcome some personal fear. Frustration can be avoided by playing sports or practicing an art.

The first week comes with the opportunities to link important customer relationships and to co-opt highly trained people in your projects.

If you are single, the prospect of a relationship may appear but similarly, certain tensions may arise between you and your partner, most likely due to jealousy.

After the 20th, it may be difficult for you to share authority in a partnership with your loved one. But your productivity level increases and you become very attentive to every little detail.

From the 26th onwards, take advantage of some opportunities to round up your collective income with your business partner or capitalize on some of the common savings through investments.

Gemini love horoscope for November 2019

You feel the need to free yourself from the people who are just throwing shadow into your life for nothing. Between love and hate, reconciliation and separation is a very fine line, which can disappear anytime this month.

Tensions in the couple can occur due to the work place, especially if some changes occur (salary, location). Single natives have it better than those already in a relationship.

You can meet someone really interesting, or even more people who fit into your patterns appear in your view, which makes the choice even harder.

If until now there have been tensions in family life, November will definitely get rid of them.

Even if it is not completely quiet, you will feel an improvement in the relationship between you and your partner. What will not break in this period, will last forever, so be sure!

The same can be said for the natives who are looking for their loved one, once they have found it, theirs will be!

Career and finances progress this month

Even if you work hard in the hope that someone will notice you and give you a financial bonus, this will not happen this month.

However, the fact that you always have something big going on at work makes you forget about the problems you have and even prevents you from improving yourself in the field in which you work.

Now is the time for a balance sheet, to see if what is left behind is what you wanted. And have some wishes been fulfilled professionally? It is not necessarily the time of change, but of strengthening your position.

After the 20th, things will get quieter, a little, at work, so do not stress so hard! It's natural work, everyday issues, nothing out of the ordinary as it seems like the great storms or challenges have passed.

Health and wellbeing

Regardless of what is going to happen this month, you are going to keep an underlying thought of optimism and positivity, which means that you will be able to control your stress levels better than on other occasions.

Spending quality time with your loved ones will also help you feel more relaxed and prevent any issues with your health.

During the second half of the month, you might become a little more focused on your general health than usual, even circumspect and so ma be inclined to schedule your regular check-ups.

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