Gemini October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 4352 views

The areas in which you are most motivated this October are thankfully the ones in which things are going to be evolving smoothly and steadily. But if you want butterflies in love and some real action at work and with money, you might not be in the right place.

But judging by the saying that whatever comes with effort is more appreciated, you surely will enjoy what this month has in store for you. Some opportunity at work, not necessarily of advancement but surely of more experience, will not let you sleep a few nights.

Family life is better than in the past period and you might not have to give that many explanations about what you want to do.

There is also something adventurous about this month and for some natives this might translate into some travel chances, either for work or leisure. As for the rest, this mean that they will surely be out of their comfort zones a lot. If this involves being surrounded by a lot of people, then, even better.

Love matters

You need to reach a common ground with your partner the first week or else you will be spending a lot of days sending poisonous arrows from one to the other. And it isn’t that hard of a thing to do when you have Venus beside you and when all the subjects you don’t agree on are simple matters.

Some natives might have to face a more difficult situation but then they will benefit from the support of someone else, perhaps a specialist.

Around the 12th, a bit of jealousy and possessiveness might cloud your skies but it is up to your own confidence how much it will affect you.

Tension will accumulate but there are other reasons for this, not only those discussed above. You might find yourself quarrelling about mundane things, some you didn’t care about in the past. This surely requires a bit of compromise from both sides.

What do you choose

The second half of the month changes the topic of discussion in your life and gives you, thanks to work, a lot more serious subjects to tackle.

You will find yourself very interested in the opinion of some professional people around you. This might drag you down if you don’t receive the answer you are expecting, or an answer, for that matter.

Around the 18th, someone, might be from the past, will ask for help in a different manner than you were used to and a difficult choice will stand in front of you. There may be that you have something personal to lose if you help them or are in some kind of conflict of interest.

But if you don’t do it, then you won’t feel good with yourself. Interesting how you will get out of this moral dilemma. And the surprising part is that, although there is so much going on in your life, you actually manage to focus on mundane activities and are fully efficient at work.

How you feel

Mercury is placed just right with the Sun and Jupiter and this means more than money coming your way. We are talking about real, healthy chances and about that kind of feeling that you are capable of everything.

You are proud for where you got and seem to look ahead full of ambition. And although these might seem just words now, you will feel them a lot different in the second half of October. This coupled with a great shape, provides energy in all life areas.

This doesn’t mean however, that there are no exclamation points for you and warnings you should keep in mind. Most refer to not letting yourself dragged by the above and imagine that you can risk absolutely anything and come on top. Keep your feet on the ground and remember that the above comes as a result of work and effort.

Emotional jump

The end of the month will find you very preoccupied by your family, perhaps someone in particular. In any case, you leave your own superficialities aside and try to help them, whether they need your help or not.

And this is going to prove to be an interesting exercise because it makes you think in perspective.

Work will demand some extra hours from you, but nothing that you can’t keep up with. Some kind of emotional jump will happen in your relationship and you two might see things differently.

For some couples, this might mark a turning point, although the radical decision won’t be made until later on.

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