Gemini October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 4168 views

A month of partnerships of all kinds and staying close to people is what expects you this October. On the other hand, you may be surprised by the insight you will get if you dedicate some time to just being on your own.

You will show courage and determination in a particular situation but at the same time, there will be days this month that will be plagued by lack of self confidence and doubt in your own capacities.

This is a great month for any activity that has to do with organizing things, whether you are planning some sort of event or just cleaning the house. By the way, you should take this as advice, as it seems it will be easier for you to break up with things you don’t need anymore.

Drama or dramatism in love

You are going to juggle some serious moments this month and some moments in which you are just enjoying playing the victim way too much.

You will have this proneness to complaining after anything that doesn’t go as planned, and there will be quite a few moments like this, as they are naturally in life.

And to make matters worse, you are also going to be very attentive to details as well. Other than this, if your partner is at least half as attentive as you are, they may also choose to play with your mind and make things even more complicated for you.

After the 17th, you seem to regain some sense and will be a lot more comfortable with what is going on but it seems that this will be the time for your significant other to act up. Whether they are doing it on purpose to teach you a lesson or is more of an emotional reaction, this is for you to discover.

Finally … results

It seems that a lot of things are finally going to make sense at work, especially after the 4th of October and you are going to be very happy with this. Not only your self confidence will receive a boost but it seems that you will also stress less.

The only word of caution in regards to this may have to do with the fact that you won’t be as attentive to detail as you should and there may be quite a risk for things not to go as you would like them to.

You are going to be in good terms with work colleagues but at the same time, in case something unfair happens, you won’t hesitate to make a note of it and make sure your superiors are informed. The fact that you are choosing to play fair and square is going to bring you more benefits than you would expect.

Also, it seems that although money is not really moving this month, you may open a savings account or put the basis of a future investment. This is another of those moments in which you will feel very good with yourself.

Health habits from … tomorrow

It seems that you are going to do all that is in your power to avoid exercising or any other healthy effort. There won’t be too much attraction to excesses either but this is not to say that you are on the safe side.

It seems that more relevant for you is to complain about what others are doing and to give yourself as a good example, although you are mostly exaggerating your activities.

Someone younger than you and a particular achievement of theirs is going to put you to shame but you are not very concerned and will not take things personally. Around the 20th, you may come across some sort of challenge but this will eventually be resolved quite easily.

Taking risks

A social patterns that is going to make itself felt throughout this month is that of you taking all sort of risks and getting involved even where you are not supposed to.

Whilst during the first half of October you are mostly going to do this out of boredom, it seems that as the month progresses, you will start to get this kick from getting involved and will actually want to do something.

You may become so interested in a particular event in a friend’s life that they might even have to ask you to back off a little. Listen to advice you receive from someone older after the 20th because what they will tell you will have an important impact in your life later on in the future.

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