Gemini October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-09-29, 3447 views

You are going to feel quite comfortable in your own skin this October and you will be mostly preoccupied with your family, your emotional expression and relaxation means. And why should you be to blame for doing this?

It is important to note that you will not lose contact with reality entirely and that you will still be up for any practicalities coming up in personal life or at work. It’s just that your focus will take an inward, rather than outward turn.

Some natives will also focus on planning for the next couple of months and who knows, also draw some conclusions as to how the first 9 months of the year have been and what they really want to achieve before the year comes to an end.

From a creative point of view, the astrological aspects formed this month will facilitate this expression, however, don’t put too much pressure on you with this regard because, under pressure, you will not be performing well.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury square Pluto transit debuting on the 2nd of October will influence the meaning you give out to small life episodes and will make you more capable of connecting the dots with regards to complex issues.

Air of competition

During the first week of the month you will show an extra dash of independence, which is something very new for some people in your entourage. Don’t take their surprised reactions personally but rather use the time to get them to know you better and the other way around.

There will be some occasions for you to catch up with people you haven’t been talking with in a while and whilst at first you will need to accept that some moments will be awkward, this shouldn’t prevent you from taking those relationships from where you’ve left them and progressing them.

It will be important for you to be surrounded by people and although ultimately you will be making some decisions on your own, you should have the input of those close to you.

You may also feel in a bit of competition, as we are nearing the middle of the month and this will be a fighting spirt that gets raised in you against a friend of yours. Perhaps you will be jealous of their achievement and will do everything in your power to demonstrate you can do even better.

Whatever works to motivate you but it is important that you choose your goals wisely and do something that is suitable for you. Otherwise, despite you achieving your goal, it will all still be in vain because you will have consumed effort for something that doesn’t really serve you.

At work, you may need to be careful during the second half of the month because there might occur some misunderstandings or you will simply not clarify what is expected of you.

It may also be that you will need to return on previous work and do it again, because you have done a mistake of some kind.

Whilst some natives might be very stressed about these, others will take them naturally, will resolve them and just move on, which should be the right attitude. Also, the horoscope advises strongly against taking your reactions, stories and frustrations from work back home.

Special: Your love life this October

Charming as usual, you are definitely not going to suffer from lack of attention this October in your love life but it may be that it is actually your exigences and demands that are going to drive people away.

You might be careful about what you ask in the sense that you are going to tend to be too demanding compared to what you are offering yourself and this is obviously not a good way to keep things balanced.

You will be wishing for good Karma, especially with Venus going retrograde on the 5th, when you might feel that your emotions are swerving uncontrollably.

Some natives may find themselves attracted to a colleague from work or a close friend and whilst this newly found attraction will take them by surprise, they will feel quite naturally about it and simply follow their intuition.

The only word of caution regarding this month is for people to be careful to any intrigues and wires crossed because you most certainly don’t want to be caught in a love triangle or something similar, and there is quite a high risk for this to happen.

Natives who have gotten married fairly recent may encounter some issues settling in with their new responsibilities but with the Full Moon on the 24th, they may start to get used a little easier with the new demands in their lives.

More established couples don’t really have the chance to revamp everything but most certainly can carry some productive discussions and make some small changes.

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