Gemini October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You may have spent much of your time helping others less fortunate than yourself. Or you may have put a lot of energy into a project that has not yet been revealed. Now, there is a slowdown in your plans or less demand for your time from others.

And it offers opportunities to grow and develop yourself creatively. Now you have the chance of a fresh start in any creative adventure, even to try something new that gives you pleasure, which could range from games of any kind to romance.

You will have a busy month and you will have plenty of work. However, October can also be an opportunity to have fun.

By the end of the month, your program will be released and you will be in a good mood, eager to spend as much quality time as possible in the company of those who count for you.

Communication is good, but you should take care of your health. This is a good time to adopt a healthier lifestyle and a balanced diet.

October highlights

This month might put on your plate some small issues to sort out and these will likely require quite a bit of creativity from your side.

Be careful about the risks you are taking and avoid counting on too many people at once.

Property sales are favored this month and you can get a good price if you are selling something. It is advisable not to buy something valuable this month because the investment may not be profitable for you.

If you are in a relationship, it would be best to avoid conflicting discussions during this time, especially if these arise at the start of the month.

As October progresses you sweeten up your tongue and give up on some of your demands, becoming more diplomatic and quicker in accepting compromise when needed.

The middle of the month could energize the situation at home and you will feel quite comfortable being around those close.

The third week of October could mark a peak productivity time for you so try to cram all the work in there and not let yourself distracted by the usual office politics.

Try not to leave room for interpretation and show clarity in expression.

Gemini love horoscope for October 2019

You can dedicate the month of October to your partner and therefore you can make up for any previous absence.

Career stability gives the Gemini enough free time. You can also spend your free time meditating on past events to re-evaluate and order your thoughts. You will feel much better with a clear mind.

Geminis in love have undergone profound changes and transformations in recent years. This process will continue for many years. To transform something, you must first look at that thing in depth, beneath the surface of appearances.

You must explore your attitudes, fears and desires when it comes to love. You have to go through the history of love life, returning to childhood and even more, in past lives.

You begin to see that you have always created your love situation whether it was happy or painful and once this knowledge has been gained, you will see how you can create a new situation of love and social life that is more in line with what you enter.

Your past pains are just some entrances to deeper knowledge and understanding. These mean signals of mistakes made, which can now be corrected.

Many of you analyze current relationships. As mentioned, you are just as concerned about having a healthy relationship as with having good physical health. Look for impurities in order to remove them.

Career and finances progress this month

October 2019 should be a period of conclusions regarding certain professional collaborations, associations or business partnerships.

Be careful not to be building hopes and illusions too high in what regards certain negotiations. It would be appropriate to wake up and seek to see reality as it is.

The astrological transits could bring some of the Gemini a moment of success, of maximum financial recognition of professional merits, moment crowned with an award, with a distinction or with increasing popularity.

Some Gemini, however, may end up in an unprofitable professional situation or set up harmful associations if they gamble more than they have.

Towards the end of October, you should pay close attention to your money, because you may have a tendency to make speculations or exaggerated or unjustified expenses.

Unforeseen expenses may also arise, or you may end up with an older debt that overshadows any fun plans you might have been thinking about.

Health and wellbeing

It would be great if you managed to do things one at a time and didn't rush to respect all sort of promises you have made.

Otherwise, your frustrations - those of you and those who relied on you - appear. You are going to suffer with stress quite easily and even other pains in the body.

You have to keep in mind and temper the almost uncontrollable desire to buy expensive things, perhaps eat some very unhealthy foods.

From the 20th onwards, don’t dare postponing a visit to the doctor for symptoms that are stubborn to relapse or avoid starting treatment that has already been prescribed.

Take care of priorities in their time, because the additional responsibilities appear out of the blue and force you to reorganize and leave your health on the last plan.

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