Gemini September 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-08-19, 2318 views

Two eclipses to impact your self-confidence in the Gemini September 2015 monthly horoscope. Near upon the partial solar eclipse and the new Moon due to occur on September 13 in Virgo, you might feel the need to put some things in order in your family, probably things long carried as an inner mess undermining your peace.

This could be really healing. You might need to set rules at home and in relationships with some members of your family in order to create more predictability in your intimate environment. 

Assess your limitations

Supposedly, that is to run out the home and family-related duties you think about as barriers in your career growth. It may be so, but it also may be about an excuse to escape some responsibilities. For some of you, the astrological context around the partial solar eclipse could bring in the position of taking care of a close one and you better accept the situation rather than playing the victim. 

It seems the end of the month brings along re-discussions of some issues linked to your love relationship and/or to having kids. Those two subjects might be linked to each other. 

Decision time

The total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon on September 28 seems to cause a revolt in you as there is the need to impose your desires, but this might conflict with your love affair evolution. It might appear like an urge for a decision, but it is not. Mercury goes retrograde through Libra at the date and therefore, it’s rather a time for re-discuss than for making decisions. 

A special warning: don’t be too judgemental on facts or people from your past claiming that you were the victim of their choices.

The best chances are to come from siblings and colleagues, but also thanks to a sincere and assertive communication on any field of interest for you at the time. 

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