Gemini September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3504 views

Polite, focused and empathic, this is the new you, as featured by this September. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be as this doesn’t happen overnight but I promise you that once you finish reading these lines, you will at least have some kind of idea where this is coming from and where it is headed.

It appears that you have some lessons to learn this month and, unlike other times, you are also very receptive to that. You prefer the light to the shadow and prefer honesty to being sneaky and this happens because you are in a great mood from the beginning.

We are also talking about news from afar, perhaps travel abroad for some natives, both for work and pleasure. You are exposed to different people and different behaviors and perhaps you are mentally building a better version of yourself. While this is not the first time you may be doing this, what is different now is the fact that seem to take everything step by step.

Spending time at home

The first week will get on in quite a domestic disposition, you having to help around the house, whether this is your position or not, whether you want it or not.

The interesting part is that although at first it will annoy you very much, you will eventually find it quite relaxing.

This might offer some natives the opportunity to reconnect with their families, especially with their elderly. However, some boundaries may have to be drawn before they exaggerate with advice or anything that gets you easily irritable.

The more opinions they have about your actions and who you are seeing, the more chances that you will snap and the previous part will soon be forgotten. Try to enjoy things while they are sweet and then move on.

Romantic territory

Around the 10th, some claws of jealousy might move things in the wrong direction in your relationship but thankfully, you are quick to come to your senses. Perhaps you have been ignoring the needs of your partner for a while and they are trying to draw a signal.

The best part is that this time you will be receptive enough to get things straight from the beginning. This announces that some romance will ensue, nothing better to help you cement this new empathy thing.

A bit of compromise will be required and your hand might be forced into taking a particular decision and eventually you will prefer to say as they say, although you are not sure whether you will actually follow up on that.

But what you are promising is most likely referring to something that is not in the near future so you can sleep on that.

Venus also seems to safeguard the antics of the single ones who are free to pursue their love interests.

Trying hard at work

You may not be speaking the same language with some people at work, professionally speaking, but this doesn’t prevent you from going ahead with your ideas.

This is the bold part about you. At times, you prefer to ignore adversity and just move forward, as convincing as possible, even with the risk of making a ridicule out of yourself.

And these moments usually pay off and this might be the case as well. Be careful though in regard to what you are moving forward this time because you might get yourself involved in a serious project which will cut from that free time of yours, that you love so much.

Surprisingly enough, Mars is on your side and would rather see you busy than doing any sort of mischief. Some unpleasant moments might come up, but they refer to your health and some weaknesses you might experience.

Follow your intuition

As we approach the end of the month, you might find yourself lacking focus. This is happening because you are distracted and thankfully, the means to correct this are in your hands. You just need to take some time to organize things around you.

The more clouded you appear in some regards, the clearer you see things that pertain to intuition and the more people you can read. This offers you some interesting opportunities to seize, especially if you place yourself in the right place at the right time.

Don’t let pressure to move ahead put even more stress on you. This is the occasion to learn to be patient and accept that some things have their natural way of moving ahead.

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