Gemini September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 3458 views

This September seems to be “back to school” for everyone, whether or not in formal education at the moment. There are a lot of occasions to discover and learn new things and it seems that some will actually be pushed by you, even if you are not purposefully open to them.

The good news is that you are not going to be phased by a lot of information coming your way and that you will excel at multitasking during this period.

Very hard to surprise, you will take things as they are and even find ways to improve others. You will appear very professional in front of many people and it seems that there is no better time than this one to be respected for your opinions, values and life principles.

Inform yourself

The first week will seem quite relaxed as you will be in control of your schedule and there won’t be any unexpected disruptions. This is not to say that you can relax entirely as the best advice would be to use this time to cover as much of your responsibilities as possible.

You may put aside at least one day to spend on your own to satisfy this tendency of isolation you seem to have going on.

This is a great time for reading all sorts and for getting in contact with new information.

You may not be able to apply the new ideas you have straight away but this is not to say that they will be lost. If you process the new ideas responsibly, you might find that the good ones are likely to stick with you.

Traveling away

After the 10th, anyone with any travel plans should put them in movement as it seems that this is going to be a good time to be on the road, whether you are going far and for a long time or just decide to take a short trip.

You will find it easier to plan for the trip, align all necessary resources and even get along with the people with whom you are going to share your time. It is also going to be slightly easier to accommodate with any unexpected changes along the way.

Some natives will attach some sort of spiritual meaning to this travel and may seek some improvement in their mental status. Don’t be disappointed however, if the results are not as great as you would have imagined them.

Efforts of bringing people together will be rewarded so if you have any Cupid like tendencies, do not hesitate to use them.

A bit of spirituality

Spiritual matters are also going to concern you around the 17th, as it seems that on that Sunday you might come across some truths that are quite hard to digest. It may be that you have made some hopes which have been cheated or similar.

Do expect for things to get slightly better because you will have enough self confidence and composure to look behind superficialities.

You are very optimistic for the future and this will make itself sensed in whatever you plan on doing for the day. A friend or neighbor may try to rain on your parade, either consciously or not, but luckily, you can see behind all this.

Educational endeavors

During the last week of September you may challenge yourself in terms of self-development and may take any learning opportunities that come your way.

But as you are about to find out, things are not that simple and you will need some accommodation period to that.

Don’t expect for things to be easy and don’t push yourself more than needed. Remember you are only competing with yourself at the moment. If in formal education or learning with others, it is best to refrain from comparing yourself to them.

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