Gemini September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Be prepared for the spotlight this September because there are a lot of chances that what you do is impressive this month and brings you more attention than you would ever expect.

But instead of being proud with yourself and building forward from this, you might surrender to your emotions and might change focus pretty easily.

You crave love and tenderness but it might take a while before you are ready to offer the same so in case your love interest is not as patient and understanding as you wish for them to be, then tension will mark some of this September.

During the first half of the month you might be under the tendency to emphasize aspects that are regarded by your family as superficial, so you might end up having a bit of a hard time, keep explaining yourself.

There is quite a bit of activity in your Fourth house so you might come across some practicalities, perhaps some domestic chores, that really need sorting out.

On the other hand, don’t start complaining because the second half of the month, after the Sun enters in a conjunct with Mars, you will find time to nurture and pamper yourself.


Enhance! The good news is that your self-confidence is at a good level this start of September so you will stay away from doubting yourself or from making all sort of scenarios that aren’t of course helpful for you.

Secrets and challenges

The New Moon occurring on the 9th will bring a breath of fresh air in your life and a lot of hopes for the remaining month. There is potential for small successes at work, accomplishments that will keep you even busier with even more important responsibilities.

In some cases, this Moon phase also comes with the uncovering of some old family secrets or revelations that have to do with the behaviour of some people towards you.

It appears that Mars square Uranus on the 18th, will give you this need to break free from norm and whilst you are not going to rebel very much through action but rather through word, people will notice.


Watch out! Your mouth can produce some really sharp words and you know exactly how to make this happen. This can be either a blessing or a real confrontation starter so you need to be careful.

It is even more interesting to have a look at the moments that will make you snap because, it could potentially be that your revolt is not even against people from the older generation but rather against your own generation, by which you might feel betrayed.

Towards the end of the month, the Sun square Saturn aspect debuting on the 23rd might pose some challenges with regards to your perspective over what happens at work. You are going to be rather pessimistic and very reluctant to trying new things.

For some natives, especially those whom haven’t been in the same place for too long, this is going to be a bit of a character test, which will give those around, a sense of how professional one is.

During the last week of the month, you are going to have a hard time dealing with all the usual responsibilities, despite having people close to you, at least for moral support.


Astrological aspect of the month: Mercury trine Mars occurring before the 25th will give you a renewed power to concentrate and resistance to things you were already so fed up with so this is your chance to finish a project that you may have left half completed.

Special: Your love life this September

Mars’ and Venus’ influence over your romantic life is going to intensify and you are going to feel very attracted to people you wouldn’t normally be interested in. This is not necessarily a signal that your taste has changed but it could actually be the case, at least during September.

Matters of intimacy and how passionate you consider yourself to be between the sheets, are going to surface and some natives may suffer from some unnecessary doubts.

Also, too many heated feelings out there could result in some conflicts and dissatisfaction. Your lover today could transform into your biggest enemy tomorrow.

Around the middle of the month, due to routine and many other life commitments, life will resemble a collection of responsibilities one partner has towards the other and a significant part of excitement will be lost.

This is one of those moment when the greatest love and excitement from the start settles into companionship. Some couples may have a hard time adapting and accepting these transformations.


TOP TIP of the month: Single natives are surely going to benefit from excitement, especially during the second half of the month, which might mark great occasions for them to meet new people and to try things that are outside of their comfort zone.

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