Gemini September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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For you, dear Gemini, most of September, personal life is the main focus of attention. New beginnings are possible and it is a great time for you to discuss your plans and options with your family or life partner.

However, during the second week of the month you may be determined to make changes in terms of a partner or close relationship, which will not be easy. You are not going to be compromising on anything.

From the third week you can expect a sudden opportunity in the career area, where you could prove to be lucky. Be careful in your quest for freedom to consider all your options and not act too impulsively! A new job doesn’t necessarily mean a better experience.

Twins have a good month on the sentimental side too. Unexpected events may occur, such as an application for marriage or a declaration of love from a new person.

It is important for all natives to be open to everything new on this plan and not to close in on themselves.

September highlights

In September 2019, please note that family relationships are favored. You can have some pleasant moments spent with your loved ones. You can receive gifts or get the chance to offer some yourself.

Also, during the first week of the month, a happy conclusion might arrive, perhaps also some news from afar, and this will settle a debate that has been going on in the family for a while now.

New projects are also favored this month. You can start a new business or receive a salary increase or a bonus, if you are employed. Buying or selling properties can also prove profitable for you.

The stars show that most of Gemini’s relationships will continue to go well in September. You will have harmony in the couple and you will get along right away with your significant other.

But be careful around the 15th because some apparently harmless discussions may arise out of something very silly and the harmony and peace at home may be jeopardized.

You are not threatened by any major problems at work either but you still need to guard your back because some of your colleagues might not have the best intentions towards you.

During the third week of September, there are more chances of winning in relation to your life and / or business partner. Some power struggles may also surface but will be resolved to your favour.

Gemini love horoscope for September 2019

With Venus in your love house and Mercury guarding close as well, this September will highlight your desires to meet new people and establish new relationships, more sentimentally than socially.

These relations are also benefited by the return of Jupiter which is also in direct motion in your seventh house. Therefore, most Gemini natives will be more determined than ever to break relationships, start relationships, work out who they really are, not only who they are in a relationship.

It’s a great time to take a step back and meditate on the aspects of your behaviour that are bothering you in relationships in general. For example, why you tolerate certain behaviours of the partner that you know, deep inside, that you shouldn’t tolerate.

Some natives might actually do the opposite of the above and rush into formalizing their new relationship and even end up conceiving a child or similar.

The beginning of autumn brings a whole different kind of enthusiasm in your love life, one that is refreshing and bold, confident in your own powers and not willing to let others take what it rightfully belongs to you. A bit of a romantic reinvention, if we can call it like this.

Career and finances progress this month

This month should be a period of conclusions regarding certain professional collaborations, associations or business partnerships.

Jupiter is helping you out and surely giving you a bit of a push towards a more risk-taking attitude but it’s tense aspect with Neptune might keep you pacing back and forth in the same place, up until the 26th.

Beware of starting to imagine things and of building too much hope and illusion in what concerns certain collaborations and associations. It is not excluded to suffer from sorrow and frustration due to falling prey again to empty promises.

Around the 16th you benefit from unexpected professional recognition and this will of course make you feel very pleased with yourself.

A moment of peak financial success might follow shortly but you need to be careful about your spending tendencies.

Make sure your bills are covered and perhaps put some money aside too. Towards the end of the month, especially, avoid any speculations or gambling.

Health and wellbeing

On the health side, the stars don’t seem to impact you too much this September but rather let you mind your own business. Be careful to any excesses because you don’t want to get in trouble unnecessarily.

This is why you will be given enough time to consider the idea of ​​reinvention, to do more in a shorter time, here we talk about the workplace and at the same time to listen more to those around you, to focus on what they advise you.

You can enrich your spiritual life through meditation and a clean diet and in turn, this will likely build up on your immune system and overall health.

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