Gemini September 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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If you allow yourself to live in the moment this month, then you’re going to start on the right foot. What you give the most importance to are your privacy, the challenges coming your way and feats.

For September’s first 10 days, you are bold enough to let things go their way. Tensions in the family make you want to leave your home. For the next weeks, you will have the warmest relationships, not to mention you won’t have to deal with too many difficulties, even if the situation at home is not too good and your family members want to have feisty discussions with you.

When it comes to the way you’re dealing with things, this is by being suspicious and not letting your guard down. Calmer days will come when September ends, so you will have enough time to give your priorities enough attention again.

The fact that you’re learning from challenges is very good. Don’t allow yourself to be negative because any situation can turn in your favor. Keep in mind that good things never come alone, so have hope for the future.

September 2021 Highlights

Tired of being all the time emotionally unstable, Geminis are going to dedicate the entire month of September to knowing themselves and making sure they’re focused on achieving peace of mind and tranquillity.

They won’t presume, anticipate or imagine, as they will feel as if this has them feeling exhausted, stressed and in pain. In case they decide to work on cleansing their mind, then they will achieve the calm they were looking for.

September will have a few weeks that will get them working at their full capacity, and this will help them feel emotionally stable. They will feel as if their time is enough for them to get things done, which means they won’t complain about not being able to accomplish their goals.

What you need to pay attention to is the misunderstandings with some of your colleagues, especially if you want to feel stable in your profession.

Gemini Love Horoscope for September

Mercury, Mars, Venus, the asteroid Juno and the Sun, are going to form a stellium, also known as an accumulation of planets, and remain active on the 5th House of Taurus, right until September 13th. This indicates you need to pay more attention to the romantic opportunities coming your way, to not risk unnecessarily when taking on new projects, nor work until you’re exhausted.

The 5th House’s stellium is pushing you to pay attention to the relationship you have with your children, to not pressure your little ones too much. While it’s ok for you to share your experience and wisdom with them, don’t be the one who’s living their life.

Since Mars is going to continue its transit through the 5th House of Taurus right until October 3rd, you will have the tendency to be the one who’s taking the initiative in romance, but not to worry, you won’t make any decision without thinking twice first.

The asteroid Eros entering the 8th House of Taurus on September 24th, just where Ceres and Jupiter are, will make you want to share your intimacy more with your partner, not to mention it will make you more aware of how your sexuality can be enjoyed.

Career and Finances Horoscope

As far as work goes, things won’t be the best for Geminis, as the tensions accumulated at the job in the previous months are going to have them enduring a lot of pressure. They will even be tempted to change what they’re doing and just abandon their current tasks.

However, in spite of feeling victims of competition, they mustn’t rush to act. On the contrary, they should allow the crisis situations bring them more opportunities. This means that you have patience and use your intelligence wisely, you can reap the rewards of your efforts in the nearest future.

This month, your bills are going to be covered, and you will do very well with money. Only the 28th, when the New Moon will be in the spotlight, you can even win the lottery.

The rest of the month is supposed to be financially stable. For the 2nd fortnight, money will come your way regularly, as well as during the month’s last 3 days.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Most of the time, an especially if they don’t allow work issues to make them nervous, Geminis are going to be in good health in September.

In case they happen to get sick, this will be in their throat area, or perhaps they may suffer from speech impairments. Many of them will have to deal with angina, tonsilitis, dysphonia or aphonia, so they have to talk with their doctor and follow his or her indications.

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