Leo April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 3532 views

The second month of spring is bringing along moments of celebration but also moments of doubt and self questioning. Most natives are going to be preoccupied with their families and their partners and might overlook some other things happening around, for instance coworkers getting better projects at work.

Mars and Saturn are going to play some tricks with your loved life so what I would suggest is to not put all the eggs in one basket.

Try to keep an eye on all aspects, both love and work and although you might not be able to advance in a particular direction with either, at least you will know what is going on and not be unpleasantly surprised.

Indulging yourself

On the other hand, towards the second half of the month, love life becomes a lot simpler and you are favored to spend more time with your significant other.

The good news here is that long distance relationships are benefited and maybe chances are you will break the distance, at least for a couple of days with a chance encounter.

There might be some shopping impulses out there and you might also have some money on hand so why not mix the two. Of course you’ll be allowed to indulge yourself if you have something to celebrate or to motivate yourself into pursuing one plan further but don’t take this to the extreme as to not have any more money for actual bills.

To add further to this, some celebrations in your circle of friends might put you on the road for the well thought gift and you will want to make an impression with this, therefore you will take your sweet time, even if this means neglecting some family activities that were already planned in advance.

Involving everyone

After the 17th as Mars goes retrograde, you are warned not to start any new projects, personal or at work. But of course some things just happen and can’t be entirely planned so in case you still have to, you should pay attention to documents and small details because these are the ones to run havoc and delay things.

Money is again central to your plans so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to mix these two areas of interest and perhaps involve your partner in your activities or take on of their ideas on board. With Mercury here to stay, there will be errands to run, calculations and comparisons to do and even some long distance travel if your job entrails that.

Working in the spotlight

The Sun in the ninth house is prompting you towards intellectual activities and personal study and of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a formal environment, therefore, if you are not in school anymore, this doesn’t mean you can’t pursue these tendencies.

As a support of this, you might see things moving at work as well, with your intuition helping you solve some cases and pursue different activities.

Most natives are going to enjoy this agitation and although they might find it hard to contain it outside work, it will overall have beneficial effects on everyone.

Superiors are going to follow up on you and you’d better be ready because although they might in general be happy with your performance, you will still have to take on board with some criticism.

Don’t let that spoil your enthusiasm especially if it falls on a day when you have plans to go out or are already celebrating something personal.

Different thoughts

Towards the end of the month, some medical visit will put your mind at ease and also prevent any complications, especially for young children, pregnant women or the elderly.

And while you’re at it, maybe you could take a closer look to your spiritual needs, not necessarily with a visit to a place of prayer but with a moment in solitude to remind yourself where you stand.

An unexpected source of energy can come from small changes in your lifestyle, even tidying up your work place can give you a boost so don’t feel stuck just because you can’t follow any grand plan, try the small things and see where that takes you.

Your thoughts might take you places but a bit of caution and regard for limitation will help you stay within the boundaries we’ve already discussed.

Some restless night might ensue but you should not take any medication to help you with that because this is only temporary whilst medication might set you on a different track.

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