Leo April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3233 views

It seems that this April is a month of being comfortable in your own skin but only when you are in the comfort of your own home. You may be missing challenges and a sense of competition but also prefer the relaxation that is happening now.

You have somewhat decided, perhaps pushed by the stars, to take things a lot easier than usual and nothing will actually get on your nerves, no matter how serious. For your mind set, this will probably make wonders and will see you come back in May fully recharged, and to be fair, you are not missing out much either.

But when it comes to those around you, they will be in turmoil, firstly not understanding what is going on with you and making all sorts of scenarios and secondly, not coping with the fact that you don’t get involved in almost anything, and therefore, they have lost some very dependable support.

What you care about

The first week will see you focusing on your health and on how you communicate what you feel. You are going to be very careful not to make any excesses, but unfortunately, this won’t last very long. When it comes to expressing your feelings, you will surprise a lot of people, especially your partner.

You are calm and tackle some problems with a lot of openness, something you might have not done in the past.

Saturn’s movement may be contributing to this relaxed state of yours but you are making an active choice to actually embrace this attitude.

Close to the second weekend of April, a family situation might challenge you a bit but won’t leave you restless, as it would have, some time ago. You will treat everyone respectfully but won’t make choices in their name.

Social life and work

It seems that around the 14th, Venus and Mercury are plotting to make your work life a little bit more exciting so it is either that you meet new people at work, that you might be interested in outside of it as well, or that you are challenged to work with someone you don’t usually get along.

In any case, you are charming and seem to have the right words about you at all times. There may be some caution required, especially if you trust them with personal information.

If there is one thing that is going on during this “taking it easy” period of yours and might cause problems, is the fact that you are quite trusting. There is this tendency to get overly excited while you are speaking and this might get you in trouble.

Everything in movement

The 17th or the 18th will bring changes in home dynamics, but again, you just let those things be and don’t think too much of them. Some natives will have to travel and this will prove another great occasion for them to leave any worries from home aside.

There may be this feeling that everyone is against you these days but this is only happening because they don’t really know how to react to you. Don’t be surprised if there is this degree of awkwardness around, just live through it.

It is also important that any endeavors you start around this period to be seen to completion. Avoid asking for help because this will be held to you for a long while. At the same time, be prudent with any exercise or sports because you are not attentive enough.

Getting back to normal

The last week of April will be quite serious and it seems that you will actively feel that things are gradually coming back and you become increasingly responsible and more in control of what is going on.

If there is some kind of negotiation that you need to go through, this is a great time for that because you have the right words about you. Some natives will have to start a treatment of some kind which requires keeping to a strict schedule.

You are attentive to detail and don’t let anything slip and become more and more annoyed with people who are not careful enough. Luckily, there is still some diplomacy in your behavior so there won’t be any conflict, not until this month finishes.

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